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Wireless down-in-hole CPT & sampling system

Wireless down-in-hole CPT & sampling system

Country of Origin:Netherlands
Use:Geomil now developed the “Offshore Retractable Continuation Appliance” or ORCA system. The system consists of a set of wireline (WL) tools and their deck (vessel or platform) supporting units.

In short, the ORCA system is designed to acquire geotechnical data from the bottom of a borehole. After testing and sampling, drilling can be advanced and the ORCA application be repeated cyclically until final (drill) depth is reached.

The current standard version of the ORCA system is designed for depths up to 500 m and operates with GEOBORE-S drill pipes or equivalent, adaptation for other sizes (BL PQ – API 6 5/8) on request.

The ORCA system provides utmost efficiency since its only deployed on demand of the geotechnical engineer. Known strata or layers of minor interest can be ignored and the borehole can be advanced at maximum possible rate.
The ORCA consists of 3 different downhole (DH) WL tools.

  1. - ORCA CPT tool, which is able to make DH CPT’s at a maximum thrust force of 100 kN. Two options are available, a 10 cm2 cone version and a downscaled 5 cm2 cone version, the latter allowing for greater penetration force per cm2. The CPT tool reaches an effective stroke length of the 1,50m and is based on Geomil’s digital cone techniques.
  2. - ORCA Piston sampler, allowing to obtain undisturbed in-situ soil samples in soft ground conditions (Φ = 3”, L = 1.00 m). The tubes can, after sample extraction, be reused or packed and stored.
  3. - ORCA Push sampler, less delicate but suitable gravely soil conditions (Φ = 3”, L = 1.00 m).  
The Geomil ORCA package also comprises high quality actuation and driveback pumps, driven by either diesel or electric motors, and comes with multiple sets for all DH units and advised quantities of required spare parts.
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