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Intron Intros- Auto

Intron Intros- Auto

Model:Intron Intros- Auto
Country of Origin:Russia
Use:INTROS-AUTO designed for non-destructive inspection of wire ropes with automatic data interpretation.

INTROS-AUTO is a successor of widely used wire rope tester INTROS.

INTROS-AUTO designed for non-destructive inspection of wire ropes with automatic data interpretation. Automatic interpretation is based on “traffic light” conception. Green light allows continuing rope operation; yellow light means defects reached 70% of discard riteria, and red light alerts that rope may no longer be used. Following criteria are used to discard rope – number of broken wires along lay length and loss of metallic cross section area in percentage. INTROS-AUTO stores detailed data, which can be downloaded and interpreted in regular manner.

The instrument consists of magnetic head and control and display unit connected with cable up to 80 m length. Magnetic head has strong permanent magnets, and measuring systems is equipped with Hall Effect sensors and coils. Optionally odometer can be fixed on the magnetic head. Control and display unit is powered with DC 12V, and has wireless connection with PC. INTROS-AUTO can be used for rope monitoring and implemented into hoisting controlling system. It has been proven as effective mean to inspect ropes at onshore drilling rigs.


Technical specification

Principle of operation

Magnetic Flux Leakage

Embedded sensors

Hall effect sensors, coils

Diameter of rope

From 25 to 36 mm 

Inspection speed

From 0.2 to 5 m/s

Ambient temperature

From -40 to +50°C

Power supply

DC 12 V

Weight of magnetic head

15.5 kg

Weight of control 

and display unit

3 kg

Dimensions of magnetic head

400 х 182 х 185 mm

Dimensions of control
and display unit

311 х 147 х 114 mm

Explosion proof version


Ingress protection

IP66 (magnetic head)
IP65 (control and display unit)

Intron Plus is now approaching similar conception to develop continuous wire rope monitoring systems (CWRMS) for high value subsea construction ropes. CWRMS can be installed on the rope in operation to collect data on request, it will have interface to PLC. CWRMS enables to extend rope life according to current technical condition, or to discard dangerous ropes to avoid losses.

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