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Sweco Primax 2500/ 3500 HWD Airports

Sweco Primax 2500/ 3500 HWD Airports

Model:Sweco Primax 2500/ 3500 HWD Airports
Country of Origin:Danmark
Use:Analysing and calculating data collected with the PRIMAX HWD with PRIMAX Design Software allows you to assess airfield pavement layer condition.

Knowing your pavements’ structural conditions is vital to prevent your pavements from failing. It is important to keep monitoring the pavement layer conditions with Heavy Weight Deflectometer to report correct PCN values for the airfield pavements and to ensure optimisation of funds to be spent on pavement maintenance. Analysing and calculating data collected with the PRIMAX HWD with PRIMAX Design Software allows you to assess airfield pavement layer condition 
development to optimize your planning of airfield pavement maintenance:

• PCN - values 
• Dynamic E moduli 
• Remaining service life 
• Determination of critical layer 
• Reinforcement (overlay) requirements

Reliability and quality assurance
• Knowhow of producing Falling Weight 
  Deflectometers since 1965
• Accurate data output with high 
  repeatability and reproducibility
• Supplied, tested and applicable under 
  worldwide climate and weather 

3In1 FWD

• CE marked quality tested durable components
• Quality certified company - ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS and AASHTO R-32
• 24 month product warranty on PRIMAX

Efficient product solutions for optimum safety and performance
• Automated equipment safety monitoring and warning system
• Cost and time reducing product solutions for surveys
• Scalable load options - upgradable on demand
• Project navigator for project management

Collaborative software solutions
• On-line support integrated for remote system monitoring & support
• Fully linked and aligned with RoSy for easy import/export of data
• Real time data calculation of E moduli during field surveys
• Quality supervision with PRIMAX observer

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