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Marchetti Seafloor Dilatometer Offshore DMT

Marchetti Seafloor Dilatometer Offshore DMT

Model:Marchetti Seafloor Dilatometer Offshore DMT
Country of Origin:Italy
Use:The seafloor dilatometer has been developed to execute DMT soundings from the seabed.

The seafloor dilatometer has been developed to execute DMT soundings from the seabed. It is composed by an upper pushing section, whose weight is 60-80 Kg, easily transported, and a lower heavy section, that can be ballasted 3 to 7 tons, easy to construct locally. The two sections can be quickly solidarized using 4 bolts. The seafloor dilatometer can operate up to a waterdepth of 100 m. The maximum test depth depends on soil consistency – it is the depth penetrable with 7 ton push. Six or seven pushrods are already charged vertically on top, before lowering the machine. More rods can be added by keeping the string vertical, sustaining the rodstring with a buoy – or a trestle fixed to the top of the ballast.

DMT can be executed from a jackup. Since the working plane is fixed, DMT is executed in the same way as it is executed on land. A guide tube from the working plane, down to the the seafloor, contains the pushrods and prevents them from buckling.


This configuration can be used when the DMT has to be executed in the vicinity of the quay wall. The working plane is fixed and DMT is executed as in the previous figure.


In this configuration the DMT is executed from a floating barge (much less expensive than a jackup). The working plane is no longer fixed, but moves according to the waves. The guide tube must be telescopic, to accommodate the oscillations. When taking the DMT readings the top of the pushing rods must be disconnected from the pushing head. In this way the blade will not move during the measurements. The barge must be horizontally anchored, to prevent lateral movement. Details can be found in Lupi 2009.

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