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RG Slimhole Logging System

RG Slimhole Logging System

Model:RG Slimhole Logging System
Country of Origin:Robertson Geologging, United Kingdom
Use:Our company can supply all your slimhole logging requirements from a cable-head to a complete logging truck.

We can supply all your slimhole logging requirements from a cable-head to a complete logging truck. Our standard equipment range is probably the largest and most technically advanced in the industry. Since, we develop and manufacture all major equipment ourselves, we are also well equipped to undertake custom design projects.

As a contract service operator ourselves, we understand the importance of  product reliability. Our on-site facilities include a test-chamber capable of testing every new probe under realistic well conditions of temperature and pressure (up to 150degC and 15,000psi), a test-well and calibration facilities linked to international standards. Every new probe is supplied with a test certificate certifying that it meets its published specifications according to our in-house ISO90001 regime.



Probes are important tools that are used to find out information at potential sites. Depending on the type of process you are aiming to carry out, you will need to have the most suitable probe equipment for the application. State of the art probes are able to detect key records, which will then enable you to have the digital data, which can be easily analysed.

Data measurement is a key cog in the identification process, thus ensuring you are employing reputable and state of the art probes is vital.

Equipment such as a neutron probe is used to measure the quantity of moisture existing in soil. We have a large range of probes listed below. Please click on the desired probe for more information.


List of Probes we offer:

  3 arm Caliper

  Acoustic Televiewer

  Borehole Geometry

  Density Gamma Inclination

  Density Guard

  Density Small Source

  Dipmeter

  Dual Induction

  Electric Log

  Focused Electric

  Gamma Spectroscopy

  Gyroscopic Verticality

  Heatpulse Flowmeter

  Hi-resolution Optical Televiewer

  Impeller Flowmeter

  Induced Polarisation

  Magnetic Susceptibility

  Microresistivity

  Natural Gamma

  Neutron

  Sonic

  Sonic Slimhole

  Temperature Conductivity

  Verticality

  Water and Gas Sampler

  Water Quality


Loggers and Software



RG Winlogger is the operating software for the Micrologger2 surface system. The product of years of development, RG Winlogger provides data acquisition, processing and reporting for the standard RG probe range. RG Winlogger is simple to operate, retaining a standard Windows™ look using familiar tool bars and drop-down menus for all frequently needed functions. The package incorporates powerful features including a built in C- compiler to allow the more advanced user to construct custom ‘user functions’ to process multichannel data in real time during logging. RG Winlogger is supplied with a multi-user licence allowing free distribution of the software to any user of RG log data. This policy has proved popular with wireline service companies who may provide Winlogger to clients to allow them to replay or reprocess data in-house without resorting to 3rd-party packages.



Based on modern dsp technology, the Micrologger2 is probably the most powerful portable logging system on the market. Lightweight and smaller in size than the average notebook, the Micrologger2 supports all RG probes including the latest acoustic and imaging types.




With the system, we offer the following winches:

1000/2000m Winch

3000m Winch

500m Winch

600m Winch

Mini Winch




Vehicles and Installation

RG will design and supply a complete logging vehicle to meet any operational requirements. We offer a choice of standard layouts based on Land Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser, Ford Transit and Mercedes Unimog ranges. Alternatively, we can customise to fit another vehicle of your choice.

Our installation includes the winch and controls, generator mounting and probe storage tubes. Options include the logging boom, air-conditioning, external spot-lamps and a choice of benches and storage cabinets. Electrical wiring for both mains power and low-voltage for lighting is to a high professional standard suitable for tough field conditions.



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