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Cross-Hole Analyzer CHAMP-XV

For Crosshole and Single Hole Sonic Logging

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Cross-Hole Analyzer CHAMP-XV
For Crosshole and Single Hole Sonic Logging

The Cross-Hole Analyzer evaluates the quality of the concrete of deep foundations by the Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL) method. It also performs Single Hole Sonic Logging (SSL).

The CHAMP-XV consist of a main unit with 60GB memory and Windows7 OS, a receiver and a transmitter in sturdy brass housing, two independent depth measuring devices, a tripod for assembling the test, and the powerful software CHA-W. The optional Motorized Probe Deployment System relieves the operator from pulling the cables manually, making testing more comfortable.

Drilled shafts and other cast-in-place concrete foundations are prepared for the test by installation of PVC or steel tubes during their construction. During the test, a transmitter is lowered down one of the tubes and sends a high frequency signal to a receiver inserted in another tube. Transmitter and receiver move down each pair of tubes, scanning the entire length of the shaft. Cables for the receiver and transmitter are available in various lengths, and may each be positioned at different depth levels for maximum testing flexibility.

The attractive enclosure of the CHAMP-XV is still light and small, but its color touch-screen display is 5cm larger than the previous model and visible in all lighting conditions. The replaceable internal battery, frees the tester from a power source, allowing easy movement between shafts. Essential analysis is performed in the field in real time. Data entry is optimized for speed of testing and to minimize erroneous input.

The CHAMP-XV meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM D6760 and several
other crosshole sonic logging codes and standards.


Click here to download the specification
Click here to download the specification 2

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