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Improve the Intelligence to Your Lifts!
Time:2017/5/29  Author:karson  Source:  Views:824  
Improve the Safety of Your Lifts !
There were a total of 428 reproted incidents on lifts and esculators in Hong Kong through out 2016 and the Hong Kong government is looking to turn this situation around and improve the safty factors of lifts in Hong Kong in the coming years. Today, Earth Product China, a total solution provider for civil engineering instruments and equipment based in Hong Kong for the last 30 years is partnering up with GeoSIG the renowned Swiss manufacturer of seismic instruments and solutions to provide you with the best lift safty and intelliengent solution to stay on top of the ever rising safty standard and demands in the market.
GeoSIG's vibration monitoring system are trusted by some of the most well-known developers Hong Kong and are used in the International Financial Centre, one of the tallest and most iconic building in Hong Kong.
To celebrate the launch of the GeoSwitch line, we are offering you a 60% off* on your GeoSwitch purchases until the 31st March,2017 to help you make you lifts saver and your assets more vaulable!
GeoSwitch - a Complete Seismic Switch System 

GeoSwitch provides a complete seismic switch system including four rugged triaxial accelerometers organized in GeoSIG RQM™ format and a digital threshold detection circuitry for up to three independent switch levels, output relays, and power backup. GeoSwitch is housed in a versatile industrial rated enclosure with a single cable inlet for all connections. Ideally suited for accurate monitoring of strong ground motions to control relay contacts at different acceleration levels for warning and/or alarm functions the GeoSwitch provides user programmable set-points over the full measuring range available
Smarter Building on a Switch
The value of a GeoSwitch is more than the money amount. It offers peace of mind that families will be safe in an emergency.

We offer a very effective service to residents and building owners throughout the country. The service you offer is invaluable and makes it possible to have buildings with many floors, so that users can safely get to their floor in comfort. Providing additional safety to the users of a lift — in particular in our region where there is a risk of an earthquake at any time — makes perfect sense.

Reliable, yet Affordabe

Most of the advance systems out in the market are expensive to buy, costly to install and hard on maintenance. Geoswitch offers a easy yet advance solution to this problem. 

GeoSwitch offers you both reliability and affordability with the instants of easy installation. 

*discount applies when you purchase 5 or more GeoSwitch.

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