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GDS New Demonstration and Training is Now Online
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GDS New Demonstration and Training is Now Online!
GDS’ dedicated demonstration and training room has recently been completed. This will prove to be a useful resource to the company, as it will aid the training of our engineers and provide an opportunity for customers to get hands-on with the latest apparatus & software from GDS. 
The facility will provide customers with in-depth installation, operation and service instruction, interaction with the equipment and more detailed product demonstrations. Full system training can also be carried out instead of onsite installation if required. 

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GDS has now published the second video in the EMDCSS series which covers the features and the benefits of the apparatus.

Video Resonant Column

GDS has also published the first two of a three part video series on Resonant Column apparatus. The first video provides an overview of the system, covering the main components and features.

The second video takes an in depth look at the systems testing capability, in particular the systems torsional excitation mechanism.
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