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Wireless Simplicity - Hardwired Reliability Bridge Monitoring
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Wireless Simplicity - Hardwired Reliability 
Bridge Monitoring
MicroStrain has supported numerous major wireless installations that actively monitor the structural strains and seismic activities of major bridge spans. One example is the Ben Franklin Bridge that spans the Delaware River from Philadelphia, PA to Camden, NJ. The wireless monitoring system was accessed remotely over a cellular telephone link. The wireless nodes measured structural strains in the cantilever beams as passenger trains transverse the span. Measurements were taken over several months to quantify bridge fatigue. Performance monitoring validated that the bridge was operating within its designed range, and allowed operators to avoid a costly overhaul. 
MicroStrain’s wireless structural monitoring system is a new network tool for enhanced long-term performance diagnostics and prognostics. Network capabilities include an autonomous, energy independent sensor platform for streamlined installation and reduced battery maintenance. Wireless capabilitieseliminate the cost and installation burden of cabling. As a result, sensors can be quickly deployed in discrete locations with less disruption on traffic and concurrent construction. Additionally, a cloud-based management (SensorCloud) and modeling tool supports ANY MicroStrain wireless or third party health and usage data. Current commercial applications include bridges, rail, tunnel, aircraft...etc.
Wireless Simplicity - Hardwired Reliability
The LXRS lossless protocol used in Microstrain system combines the simplicity of wireless systems with the reliability of hardwired data transmission. LXRS works by leveraging advanced bi-directional radio communication protocols to acknowledge when data packets are successfully received by a wireless gateway.
Why Wireless ?
Wireless Monitoring 
Repeated traffic loading imparts significant strain on bridge structures. Wired sensors are subject to scale and environment limitations that prevent broader deployment. Wireless sensor networks can be deployed with greater scale and cost-efficiency on remote, high value equipment. MicroStrain has developed integrated wireless monitoring solutions for many structural applications. 
Extended Range
Unlike wired systems limited by the length of their cables. The extended range radio links used by Microstrain enable wireless communication up to two kilometers line-of-sight. The wireless radio signal is user-programmable up to 2km to allow long range monitoring and surveillance.
Rapid & Scalable Installation
Bridge operators cannot afford to disrupt or complicate normal bridge operation with cumbersome monitoring systems and installation practices. Disruptions to concurrent construction activities or traffic flow undermine the cost and convenience of enhanced sensing capabilities.
Rapid Installation

MicroStrain miniature sensors rapidly install on existing bridges and integrate with future bridge designs. Wireless nodes enable discrete placement without labor intensive and damage prone wire trails.

Wireless gateways may support thousands of wireless sensor nodes based on the required bandwidth of each sensor node. A node’s bandwidth depends on the number of utilized sensor channels as well as the sampling frequency for each channel.
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