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The New Integrated Rock Mechanics Test Systems
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The New Integrated Rock Mechanics Test Systems
We are glad to introduce you to the newly designed Integrated Rock Mechanics Test System (IRMTS). The IRMTS was developed by DCI in response to a need for a compact triaxial rock mechanics test systems suitable for performing routine triaxial tests on plug-size rock samples.

Integrated into a single desk-size test system, the systems include:

  • High-stiffness, 2-column load frame with servo-controlled hydraulic actuator
  • Triaxial test cell with in-vessel instrumentation for strain and load measurement
  • Servo-controlled confining pressure system
  • Servo-controlled pore pressure system
  • System transducer signal conditioning electronics
  • PC-based data acquisition and test control system

System Features

  • The sample stack can be assembled quickly on the test cell lower closure.
  • Confining system and pore systems are integrated into the test station with easy-to-follow schematics.
  • The IRMTS frame includes a large table top area where the operator has space to perform sample assembly.
  • Pore pressure intensifier provides precise volume measurement.

The Core Flood Systems

A core flood system flows a fluid (gas or liquid) through a core sample at simulated reservoir conditions and measures flow parameters. 

Because of the wide variety of tests that might be conducted in a core flood system, our equipment is typically customized to meet the exact requirements of a specific customer application. The systems below illustrate the wide range of options that can be incorporated into a core flood system. 

These systems are used for:

  • Stimulation studies
  • Diversion of stimulation fluids
  • Flow distribution in multi-layered reservoirs
  • Steady state permeability measurement
  • Relative permeability measurement
  • Formation damage tests
  • EOR tests and research
  • Acidization studies
  • Water flooding
  • Drilling mud invasion

Volume Pressure Actuator Syringe Pumps

  • Permeability or relative permeability experiments where pulse-free precisely controlled constant flow rate is required.
  • Permeability of relative permeability experiments where a constant pressure drop across the sample is required.
  • Drainage-Imbibition tests, where the VPA can act as a receiver to control back pressure in one part of the test, and then subsequently as a pump to push fluid back through the sample.
  • Pore-volume compressibility tests where a precise measurement of pore fluid volume expressed.
  • Sample desaturation measurements where the precise volume of fluid expressed from a sample is required.
  • Flow experiments where precise back pressure must be maintained.
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