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Hydraulic TestingMore

Basic Hydraulic TestingFixed Tilted Waterway Experimental DeviceSpecial Water Tanks, Reflux TanksMan-made Rainfall Device

Highway Materials TestingMore

Asphalt Sample Preparation and CompactionAdvanced Dynamic TestingAutomatic binder extractorDetermination of Asphalt Mix CompositionNCAT Asphalt Content FurnaceAsphalt AnalysatorCore and Beam SawsShear Testing SystemMortar TesterPrall TesterAutomatic Bituminous CompactorIndentation TesterConcrete Testing SystemCement Testing SystemAggregate Testing SystemAsphalt ViscometerTester for Wax Content of Petroleum BitumenFraass ApparatusTest in Water Content in BitumenCleveland Flash and Fire Point TesterAsphalt Thin Film OvenSoften Point Of Bitumen TesterDuctilometerThermal Stress Restrained Specimen TesterPoint Bending Beam MachineSPT Simple Performance Test SystemPressure Aging VesselBending Beam RheometerRolling Thin Film OvenDirect Tensile Testing SystemDynamic Shear RheometerRotational ViscometerSHRP Asphalt TestingUniversal Testing MachineTwo Point Bending Beam MachineWheel TrackerHigh Modulus Asphalt Testing SystemSieve ShakerFoamerSample DryerLaboratory MixerSolvent Recovery StillGravity of Bituminous MixturesVacuum EvaporatorRoller CompactorBending Beam MachineAsphalt Pavement AnalyserBitumen Washing MachineGyratory CompactorBitumen PenetrometerCompression Testing MachineAsphalt Mixer

Highway and Bridge InspectionMore

AccelerometerThermal Expansion of Concrete Measurement SystemTraffic Speed DeflectometerMulti Function Road AnalyzerRadar systemDrilling TrailersPavement Quality IndicatorProfilographRunway Friction TesterWeight DeflectometerBridge Ropes TesterRoad Marking Retroreflectometer

Geotechnical & Structural MonitoringMore

Wire JointmeterCrack MeterDeformation ObservationInclinometersLoad CellsStrain GaugesTemperature SensorTopographic SurveyVibration MonitoringReadout & DataloggersExtensometerWater Level MeterPiezometerSettlement SystemsDisplacement TransducerSliding MicrometerTri-axial Displacement GaugeSliding DeformeterReadout

In-situ TestingMore

Offshore ProbStatic CPT System on landMarine static CPT systemStatic CPT System and accessoriesStatic CPT probePressuremeterVane InstrumentBorehole DilatometerSPT AnalyzerSonic ViewerHollow Inclusion Stress CellStatic CPT data acquisition system and softwareDynamic CPT System

Laboratory Rock & Soil TestingMore

Dynamic Tri-axial Testing SystemAdvanced Soil TestingRock Mechanics TetsingSoil Centrifugal TestingConstruction material testingFull suction double-cell ExtractorStatic Tri-axial Testing SystemHollow Cylinder ApparatusUnsaturated Soil Testing SystemRock Tri-axial Testing SystemCombustible Ice Triaxial ApparatusResonance Column ApparatusCyclic Simple Shear SystemShear ApparatusRing Shear ApparatusConsolidation ApparatusBending InstrumentPressure/ Volume ControllerAdvance SensorShear testing softwareCentrifuge tableshaking Table


Multi-Packer SystemsMulti-Level SystemsSpecial Packer Sys.Testing Systems

Offshore TestingMore

Wireless down-in-hole CPT & sampling systemNearshore CPT systemSeabed CPT systemFast and light sediment profiling systemFast geotechnical profiling systemGraviProbe Soil VersionFast Profiling Compact WinchDensX Sediment Density Profiler

Pile TestingMore

Cross-Hole AnalyzerThermal Integrity ProfilerPile Integrity TesterSPT AnalyzerPile Driving AnalyzerHammer Performance AnalyzerStrain Gauge and AccelerometerPile Testing SoftwareThe Length Inductive Test EquipmentAngle AnalyzerPile Installation RecorderShaft Quantitative Inspection Device


Well Logging SystemSlim-hole digital oilfieldUltrasonic Drilling MonitorSeismographsGeo ElectricalStrong Motion SeismographVibration MonitorsGeological RadarUnderwater Geophysical

Sensors and Data loggerMore

Displacement SensorWireless SensorInertial SensorInclinometerFiber SensorStrain Gauge

Construction NDT EquipmentMore

Leak detection productsConcrete strength testingConcrete integrity testingEnergy conservation testingRebar TestingConcrete durability testingConcrete thickness testingAir Void AnalyzerAutoclamLimpetPermitSeptopodReal Time Dynamic Monitoring System

Industrial NDT EquipmentMore

Infrared Thermal ImagerUltrasonic ImagerDirect Fixation FastenerPower Quality AnalyzerSlip meterTree InspectionPAC Acoustics Emission SystemMeditherm Infrared Thermal ImagerScanning Milimeter WaveSteel Rope TesterTransmission Line Vibration Measuring InstrumentEndoscopeSulfur Recovery UnitUV Camera

Environmental MonitoringMore

Environmental Control SystemDataloggerAlarm Warming SystemRadio TransmitterWater Quality Monitoring InstrumentGas&Water Pipeline Leakage MonEnvironmental Monitoring InsIndoor Air Quality InstrumentDust MonitoringHazardous Gas DetectorNoise&Vibration MonitoringLandfill Gas AnalyzerCombustion Gas AnalyzerAutomatic Weather Station

Mobile CrusherMore

ScreensMobile Crusher

Furniture Testing InstrumentsMore

PLC System TestingComponentsBed TestDoor TestDrawer TestTable TestChair TestGeneral Test

Electronic TestingMore

Diagnostic Testing

Automotive & Aviation Testing Equip.More

6-Component Wheel Force Measuring SystemAutomotive Testing for partsGas Exhaust Analyzer

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