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  • Soil Contamination Surveyor

    Model:ECOPROBE 5
    Country of Origin:Czech Republic
    Use:Detection, delineation and monitoring of hydrocarbon and other organic contamination of soils and/or water table from fuel spills Fast and convenient monitoring of UST and pipe-lines for leakage Waste dumps & agricultural waste measurement Monitoring of contaminant plume migration Monitoring of in-situ bio-remediation processes Detection and monitoring of Methane effluence over closed coal mines Detection and monitoring of gaseous toxins in industrial plants and agriculture Detection and monitoring of contaminant effluents from various fittings sealing in chemical/petrochemical industry. Meets EPA 21 standards. Air pollution monitoring


  • Moisture Probe Kits

    Country of Origin:Australia
    Use: Soil moisture measurements in: Parks and gardens, Sporting fields, Golf courses, Turf farms, Greenhouses; Irrigation scheduling of fruit and vegetable crops, for example:Potatoes, lettuce, strawberries, bananas,pineapples, sugar cane, melons and roses; Portable soil moisture monitoring for: Meeting regulatory requirements,Building foundations, Compost.


  • Field EnviroStation

    Country of Origin:Australia
    Use:Agricultural research; Aerial spraying; EPA monitoring; Farm management; Horticulture; Meteorology; Pollution monitoring;Air quality;Water quality;Severe weather warning(Golf courses;Forest fires;Frost alarms);Viticulture


  • Complete soil analysis test kit

    Country of Origin:UK
    Use:Complete soil testing


  • Basic Soil Sampling Kits

    Model:Basic Soil Sampling Kits
    Country of Origin:USA
    Use:Soil Sampling


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