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  • Deflectograph

    Country of Origin:UK
    Use:To indicate the bending index in every road interval and also its average value of the road segment.


  • Delta PRIMA100 Light Weight Deflectometer

    Model:Delta PRIMA100
    Country of Origin:Denmark
    Use:Road construction: Control of road base structures such as (sub)base, base course gravel, recycled concrete, recycled asphalt, slag and crushed aggregate. Ramps, parking spaces, terminals, etc.: Control of base structures for ramps, approach areas near industrial buildings, freight terminals, stocks, parking spaces, harbour terminals, etc. Industrial flooring: Control of base structures before concrete or asphalt paving in industrial buildings, stocks, etc.


  • PRIMAX FWD trailer

    Country of Origin:Denmark
    Use:To indicate the dynamic curves of the road surface.


  • PRIMAX FWD van-integrated

    Model:PRIMAX FWD van-integrated
    Country of Origin:Denmark
    Use: It is well suited for measuring in towns and densely populated areas, areas with heavy traffic loads or in areas where safe, accurate and quick maneuvering is required, such as airports and testing of concrete slabs.


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