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  • Tuff Tilt 420

    Model:Tuff Tilt 420
    Country of Origin:USA, Jewell
    Use:Typical applications include: Monitoring the performance of bridges, dams and other large structures; construction monitoring (standard version); Antenna leveling and zenith finding (high-gain version); Measuring the angular position of dam gates and other machinery (wide-angle version).


  • Slope-Sentry Monitoring and Early Warning System

    Country of Origin:USA, Jewell
    Use:Monitoring slope behavior


  • Little Dipper In-Place Inclinometer

    Country of Origin:USA, Jewell
    Use:Monitor lateral movement of slopes, embankments, trenches and tunnel walls; Monitor ground settlement beneath tanks and fills; Monitor surface movements by direct burial in shallow boreholes; Cast Little Dippers in place to monitor structural deformation.


  • Pro 3600 Digital Protractor

    Model:Pro 3600
    Country of Origin:USA, Jewell
    Use:This revolutionary, handheld measuring tool provides an immediate, digital reading of all angles in a 360° circle.


  • Profil Digital Inclinometer System

    Country of Origin:Canada, Roctest
    Use: Inclinometers are used to monitor subsurface deformations of the ground in landslides, embankments and dams, and around deep excavations and tunnels. Inclinometer casing is installed in a vertical borehole that passes through suspected zones of movement into stable ground.


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