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  • EM Series Embedded vibrating Strain Gauge

    Model:EM-2, EM-5, EM-10
    Country of Origin:Canada, Roctest
    Use: The EM Series of vibrating wire strain gauges are designed for concrete embedment and to measure strains caused by stress variations. The stress can also be evaluated when the concrete’s modulus of elasticity is known, following compensation for temperature, creeping and concrete reaction effects. The EM is embedded in structures such as: Dams; Nuclear power plants; Bridges and overpasses; Tall buildings; Tunnels; Harbors; Foundations, walls, linings, footings and piles.


  • SM-5 Series Surface Mount Strain Gauge

    Model:SM-5A, SM-5B
    Country of Origin:Canada, Roctest
    Use:The SM-5 vibrating wire strain gauge is designed for monitoring variations in strain, which allows stress evaluation when the material’s modulus of elasticity is known. The gauge is used for: Metal structures: girders, piles, pipelines, pressure vessels; Concrete structures: bridges, retaining walls,hydraulic structures; Underground and underwater supports, linings,piers, footings.


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