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  • DADiSP Software

    Country of Origin:USA, DSP
    Use:DADiSP is an interactive graphics worksheet -- a visually oriented software package for the display, management, analysis and presentation of scientific and technical data.


  • ShapeMetriX3D Flexible Imaging

    Country of Origin:3GSM
    Use:ShapeMetriX3D is an innovative System to acquire surfaces with three-dimensional images.


  • JointMetrix3D

    Country of Origin:Austria, 3GSM
    Use:JointMetriX3D is applied in the following fields:Geological/geotechnical documentation;Tunnelling; Mining, quarrying; Rock wall mapping; Documentation of constructions, rock faces, slopes, embankments,…; Conservation of evidence Stability and safety analyses; Large-size photographic documentation


  • 3D Tracker Software

    Model:3D Tracker
    Country of Origin:USA
    Use:As part of Applied Geomechanics monitoring system, 3D Tracker? software uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to compute 3-dimensional positions in real time for deformation monitoring applications. 3D Tracker has been specifically designed for fixed structures like bridges, dams, oil platforms, and large buildings. The software can also be deployed to monitor natural features such as volcanoes, landslides, and ground subsidence.


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