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  • Transient Release and Imbibition Method TRIM System

    Model:TRIM System
    Country of Origin: HK
    Use:The TRIM System is a simple-to-use laboratory device for measuring the soil-water retention curve (SWRC) and hydraulic conductivity function (HCF) of unsaturated soils in significantly less time than other approaches.


  • Stress-controllable 1D soil column

    Model:1D soil column
    Country of Origin:HK
    Use: stress and hydraulic boundary conditions (i.e., constant head ponding and evaporation) to be applied and controlled to a multi-layer soil column freely. Also, the Geo-Experts can reduce the test duration to measure the two important hydraulic properties, SDPFs and SDSWCCs, of a soil column using transient method rapidly.


  • Full suction triaxial double-cell extractor

    Model:3D SDSWCC & SDPF
    Country of Origin:HK
    Use:Geo-Experts is a device adopting steady-state method to measure SDSWCCs and SDPFs of a soil specimen subjected to different stress paths in triaxial space (i.e., pnet-q-s space, where pnet is net mean stress; q is deviatoric stress; and s is soil suction). At a given stress state, a SDSWCC defines the relationship between suction and water content while a SDPF depicts variation of water permeability with suction or/and water content.


  • Humidity and Osmotic Suction-Controlled Box

    Country of Origin:HK
    Use: Geo-Experts is a device used to measure four vital mechanical and hydraulic properties of a single soil specimen for a wide range of suctions from 0.1kPa to 300MPa. The four properties are shear strength, SDSWCC, consolidation and volume change. At a given stress state, a SDSWCC defines the relationship between suction and water content/degree of saturation.


  • Full suction double-cell extractor for SDSWCC test

    Country of Origin:HK
    Use:Geo-Experts is a device to measure drying and wetting Stress-Dependent Soil-Water Characteristic Curve (SDSWCC) of a soil specimen subjected to various stress and suction paths three-dimensionally and independently. A SDSWCC defines the relationship between the soil suction and either the water content or the degree of saturation of the soil at a given stress-state.


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