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  • GDS Resonant Column Apparatus

    Country of Origin:UK
    Use: The GDS Resonant Column Apparatus (RCA) is used to excite one end of a confined solid or hollow cylindrical soil specimen. From the resonant frequency, small strain stiffness can be found. Used by both the advanced commercial laboratories and Universities for performing research.


  • Lifting Frame for Resonant Column

    Country of Origin:UK
    Use:The resonant column lifting frame, allows a user to safely remove the triaxial cell top without the assistance of a colleague, using a cable and pulley system. The frame has a fitting to secure the handle, allowing the cell to be kept elevated whilst working on the apparatus.


  • High Pressure Resonant Column with Lifting Frame

    Country of Origin:UK
    Use: This high pressure upgrade allows resonant column tests to be performed with up to 3MPa gas pressure. Lifting frame is essential for raising and lowering the stainless steel and aluminium cell.


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