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  • GDS Electro-Mechanical Dynamic Cyclic Sample Shear

    Country of Origin:UK
    Use:The GDS Electromechanical Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear Device (EMDCSS) is for simple shear testing only. It is capable of carrying out dynamic cyclic tests from small strain (.05% shear strain amplitude) to large strain (10% shear strain amplitude), as well as extremely accurate quasi-static testing. This is the choice for a no-compromise simple shear machine with the greatest range of testing capability. The perfect choice for advanced commercial testing or academic research.


  • Combined Advanced Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear

    Country of Origin:UK
    Use:The GDS combined Advanced Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear (ADVDCSS) is a testing system that can be used for both dynamic cyclic, simple shear and dynamic triaxial testing. The ADVDCSS allows a sample to continuously rotate through 90 degrees of the principal stress directions, giving the ability to simulate the stress’s common to many geotechnical problems, including earthquake loading. Then, by moving the machine into "triaxial mode" and installing the cell wall, the device may be used for dynamic and static triaxial tests.


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