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  • GDS Hall Effect Local Strain Transducers

    Country of Origin:UK
    Use:On Sample Hall Effect Transducers (HE) are very light and easy to handle, therefore can be mounted to the sample for small strain measurement with minimal disturbance to the sample. Small strain stiffness values are becoming more commonly required by consultants due to the parameters required for FE models. It has been recognised for many years that small strain measurement is more representative to the operational strain, and that the small strain stiffness curve is required for any advanced modelling of the soil.


  • GDS LVDT Local Strain Transducers

    Country of Origin:UK
    Use:The GDS LVDT Local Strain Transducers provide on-sample small strain measurements of axial and radial strain. Accurate determination of soil stiffness is difficult to achieve in routine laboratory testing. Conventionally, stiffness of a triaxial test specimen is based on external measurements of displacement which include a number of extraneous movements. True soil strains can be masked by deflections which originate in the compliances of the loading system and load measuring system. Such equipment compliance errors add to a variety of sample bedding effects to give a poor definition of the stresss-train behaviour of the material under test, particularly over the small strain range. Most triaxial tests therefore tend to give apparent soil stiffnesses far lower than those inferred from field behaviour (Jardine, Symes & Burland, 1984).


  • GDS Mid Plane Pore Pressure Probe

    Country of Origin:UK
    Use:The GDS Mid Plane Pore Pressure probe provides a direct measurement of the specimen pore pressure at the mid height of the sample.


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