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  • Optional Test Module 12: Shear Testing Standard

    Country of Origin:UK
    Use:Generally used with direct shear or ring shear devices. Provides acquisition only or control where hardware permits for linear or linear cyclic reversal of a shear box or a ring shear machine. Ideal for upgrading manually logged equipment. Note: PC needs to be running GDSLAB.


  • Optional Test Module 13: Shear Testing Advanced

    Country of Origin:UK
    Use: Independent control over the axial axis (load, stress or strain) and shear axis (load, stress or strain) with constant, ramp or quasi-static sinusoidal cyclic control on either axis. Unsaturated tests may be performed using the axis translation technique. Note: PC needs to be running GDSLAB.


  • Optional Test Module 14: Dynamic Simple Shear

    Country of Origin:UK
    Use:High speed dynamic cyclic testing with high speed data acquisition. Test control of dynamic axial load or axial displacement, and dynamic control of torque or rotation. Optional dynamic control of inner and outer cell pressure depending on system specification. Note: PC needs to be running GDSLAB


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