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  • GSR-24 Seismic Recorder

    Country of Origin:Switzerland
    Use:The GSR-24 Seismic Recorder is a high performance velocity and acceleration acquisition system. In combination with the Radio Telemetry Interface and the acquisition facilities a complete solution is now available on the market for seismic profiling, after shock studies, noise measurements and single station micro seismic networks.


  • GMS-18 NetQuakes Recorder

    Country of Origin:Switzerland
    Use: The GMS-18 is the ground breaking second generation of the GeoSIG Measuring Systems with extended connectivity capability and flexibility. The unit is developed in close coordination with USGS and deployed in high quantities in North America establishing the NetQuakes system.


  • GMS-24 NetQuakes Recorder

    Country of Origin:Switzerland
    Use:The GMS-24 is the ground breaking second generation of the NetQuakes / GeoSIG Measuring Systems with extended connectivity capability and flexibility, now in 24 Bit, reaching a dynamic range of more than 140 dB.


  • GeoSwitch Seismic Switch

    Model:GeoSwitch Seismic Switch
    Country of Origin:Switerland
    Use:GeoSwitch provides a complete seismic switch system including four rugged triaxial accelerometers organized inGeoSIG RQM™ format and a digital threshold detection circuitry for up to three independent switch levels, output relays, and power backup.


  • GMS Plus

    Model:GMS Plus
    Country of Origin:Switzerland
    Use:- Broadband Seismic, Earthquake and Structural measuring and monitoring - Real-time Seismology for Freefield and Urban Areas - High Density Earthquake Monitoring Networks - Shake / Hazard Mapping based on Instrumental Data - Earthquake Early Warning and Rapid Response


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