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  • MD DSS Multi-mode Sonar System

    Model:MD DSS
    Country of Origin:Finland
    Use:Meridata offers geologists, geophysicists, environmental scientists, engineers and hydrographers MD DSS, the Complete Solution for • geophysical surveys in rivers, lakes, harbours and offshore sites • studies of sedimentation, silt deposition and erosion • sediment properties and bottom structure surveys • combined seismic and bathymetric surveys


  • SSS Side Scan Sonar

    Model:SSS -100/600K
    Country of Origin:USA
    Use:Side scan sonars are one of the most sought after, and effective tools for underwater searches. The reason; they can cover large areas quickly and “see” what’s on the bottom regardless of water visibility. A side scan finds things by sending out a sonar beam which sweeps over the bottom, reflects off any object laying on the bottom, and returns to the towfish. The received signal is sent through the tow cable to a topside display. The displayed image is a highly detailed two dimensional picture of the ocean, lake or river bottom and any objects lying there. The sonar beam is transmitted and re-ceived by transducers mounted on each side of the towfish. How the transducer is constructed determines the frequency of the sonar beam. Side scans with low frequency transducers have excellent long range capability, but low resolution. High frequency systems have high resolution, but very short range. A dual frequency side scan has high and low frequency transducers to give the best of both systems; long range and highly detailed images.


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