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  • Tree Inspection

    Model:Tree Inspection
    Country of Origin:USA
    Use:3D Acoustic Tomograph is able to non-destructively detect the size and location of decayed or hollow parts in the trunk. It works based on sound velocity measurement between several sensors around the trunk. The basic measurement principle is that sound velocity drops if there is a hole between two sensors.


  • G4400 BLACKBOX Fixed Power Quality

    Country of Origin:Irasal
    Use: The revolutionary Elspec G4000 BLACKBOX is the next generation in power quality analyzers. The G4K provides accurate detection and isolation of power quality monitoring for effective preventive maintenance.


  • G4500 BLACKBOX Portable Power Quality

    Country of Origin:Irasal
    Use:G4500 BLACKBOX Portable Power Quality Analyzer: Built on the same innovative technology as the BLACKBOX fixed Power Quality Meter (PQA), the Elspec G4500 BLACKBOX Portable Digital Power Meter, with its continuous onboard waveform logging, is the most advanced Voltage recorder on the market. The G4500 BLACKBOX has the power to determine the root cause of all Power Quality (PQ) issues, so plug it in and never miss another event.


  • Direct Fixation Fastener

    Model:Direct Fixation Fastener
    Country of Origin:USA
    Use:LORD RF Series Direct Fixation Fastener Technology enables flexible design, laterally and vertically adjustment, versatile rail attachment, easy installation, durable materials, and long life.


  • Infrared camera R300BP

    Country of Origin:Japan
    Use:The InfReC R300 series performs High sensitive, High accuracy and High resolution measurement and multi-Flame Super Resolution Image Processing.


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