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  • Silver Schmidt concrete test hammer

    Model:Silver Schmidt
    Country of Origin:Switzerland
    Use:The SilverSchmidt offers a virtually maintenance free, lightweight and compact construction for concrete testing.


  • Maturity meter for concrete

    Model:CONREG 706,712
    Country of Origin:Sweden
    Use:Online measurement of the temperature of in-situ concrete, measurement of the compressive strength, monitoring of strength continuously in real time in the construction, decrease costs of framework, decrease production time of the construction,ensure better security and quality of concrete casting. Efficient and reliable method of strength monitoring based on own tendency curves for own recepies.


  • Pull-off Tester

    Model:DY-2 Family
    Country of Origin:Switzerland
    Use: The Proceq DY-2 Family of automated pull-off testers covers the complete range of pull-off applications with unmatched ease of operation and a unique capability to store a complete record of the test. Pull-off testing is one of the most widely used test methods in the construction industry. This is reflected in the huge number of standards dedicated to the method. It has long been known that one of the major influences on the result of a pull-off test is the operator influence in the application of a constant load rate. The DY-2 with its integrated, feedback controlled motor removes this variable completely, by providing a fully automated test at a constant load rate which can be verified.


  • Water-GLO™ Fluorescent Leak Detection Dyes

    Model:Water-GLO™ Fluorescent Leak Detection Dyes
    Country of Origin:USA
    Use:Find Leaks Fast In Water and Water/Glycol-Based Fluid Systems! Water-GLO™ Fluorescent Leak Detection Dyes Ideal for use as part of a diagnostic/preventive maintenance program. Work in both static and circulating systems!


  • Cool Seal™ A/C Leak Sealer

    Model:Cool Seal™
    Country of Origin:USA
    Use:Seals slow, pesky leaks in compressors, condensers, evaporators, O-rings and hoses – quickly and permanently. Non-polymer, oil-soluble formula is safe for AC&R system components and recovery equipment. Also ideal for preventive maintenance!


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