Roads and Bridges Detection
GeoSIG Joint Displacement Monitoring

GeoSIG_Preveza-Aktio Immersed Tunnel-Seismic and Joint Displacement Monitoring GeoSIG_Preveza-Aktio Immersed Tunnel-Seismic and Joint Displacement Monitoring.PDF...

Drive Safer With Traffic Sign Retroreflective Technology

The traffic signs through the shape, color, character, pattern and transmission of information, to guide traffic traffic participants, is an extremely important road traffic safety facilities. If the traffic sign is the road traffic sign la...

Delta Retro-Reflectometer Makes Driving Safer

The traffic accident is never a good word. It may cause an accident who is disabled, regret; while in the family, to the living infinite grief. How to reduce traffic accidents, not only is the city management responsibility, is the focus of...

Fallingweight instrument application in highway engineering detection

The falling weight deflectometer In the evaluation of pavement design and bearing capacity, falling weight deflectometer (FWD) is the strength of the pavement is currently the most advanced one of the non-destructive testing equipment, the...

In the case of 3D GPR application in highway asphalt pavement cracks detection test field

A project overview The purpose of the experiment: To carry out the cracks of asphalt pavement pavement substructure detection using 3D-Radar 3D gpr. Test location: The Ministry of Transportation Highway Test field. Test equipment: Ministry...

Application of inverse DELTA reflection coefficient measuring device in the airport

For road traffic safety, the current measurement of inverse reflection coefficient is a primary concern. Sign and marking for guarantee driving safety and reduce traffic accidents is very important. Especially for the night sight by vehicle...

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