Geotechnical and Structural
MC-00220 APN-Solution for Oil Concentration Ratio measurement

MC-00220 APN-Solution for Oil Concentration Ratio measurement.pdf...

A modified triaxial apparatus for measuring the stress path dependent water retention

Abstract: This article reports a modified triaxial apparatus for measuring the stress path-dependent water retention curve (SDWRC) of unsaturated soils under isotropic and deviatoric stress conditions. In this modified triaxial apparatus, a...

Determination of the Anisotropic-Printed

Abstract: The shear modulus at very small strains (0.001% or less), G0, is one of the most important parameters for predicting ground movements and dynamic responses of many engineering earth structures. With advances in the use of bender e...

Experimental study of the soil-water characteristics of a decomposed soil using the relative humidity

Abstract: Transient seepage analysis in unsaturated soils requires the soil-water characteristic curves (SWCCs) and permeability functions. Very often, the soil-water characteristic of a soil at high suction range (500 kPa) is obtained by e...

A field study of stress-dependent soil–water characteristic curves and permeability of a saprolitic

It is well recognised that field measurements of stressdependent...

Recompacted, natural and in-situ properties of unsaturated decomposed geomaterials

Abstract: The behaviour and properties of unsaturated soils have attracted increasing attention world-wide. To improve our understanding of unsaturated soil behaviour and properties, this paper investigates and summarises some recent findin...

Experimental Investigations of the Soil-Water Characteristics of a Volcanic Soil

Abstract Rain-induced landslides are common around the world. To analyse transient seepage and to predict porewater pressure distribution in unsaturated slopes subjected to rainfall infiltration, it is essential to study soil-water characte...

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