Pile Testing
Solving piling design issues with a snap!

Driven piles Driven piles (precast piles) are prefabricated elements (timber, steel or concrete), which are driven into the ground by percussion, pressing or vibration using proper machinery. In China, driven piles are often composed of pre...

Brief overview of Pile Integrity Tests & recent updates

Traditional Pile integrity tests 1 Static load testing Static load testing is currently the most reliable method for testing a single piles load capacity. It is often used to make a definite conclusion when other indirect methods of testing...

The key to stable pile foundation - borehole debris control

The thickness of soft material or debris that covers the bearing strata is one of the most significant factors determining the load capacity of the resulting cast-in-place pile. If the debris covering the bearing stratum is too thick, it un...

RG Borehole Logging Systems and Services

RG Borehole Logging Systems and Seivices.pdf...

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