Geophysical Engineering
Passive Seismic Surveying for the Quarrying Industry

Good quarry design depends upon a ground model that reliably defines the quality, volume and spatial distribution of resource and waste. Most ground models are based on boreholes, sometimes with additional 2D or 3D control provided by tradi...

Passive Seismic Identifies a Meteorite Crater in Western Australia

An intriguing presentation given by dr. Jayson Meyers (Resource Potential, Perth, Australia) that illustrates how passive seismic and other geophysical methods identify a young meteorite crater in Archaean greenstone of the Coolgardie Goldf...

Hvsr-aided Monitoring of Embankment Integrity

Fortescue Metals has recentlystudied the applicability ofthe HVSR method to the assessment ofmining embankment integrity. Embankments are common features in mine sites, necessary for tailings storage, surface water management or general inf...

Seismic Instrumentation and Monitoring of Dams

Introduction What is Seismic Instrumentation and Monitoring of Dams? Why Dams need Seismic Instrumentation and Monitoring? What are the advantages of Seismic Instrumentation and Monitoring in Dams? Methodology Technology How does seismic in...

Earthquake Early Warning

Earthquake Early Warning Earthquakes are perilous and inevitable natural events, causing severe damage and loss of life. There is no proven method to forecast the precise occurrence time of an earthquake nor its location or size. Yet, utili...

Santiago Tailings Dam, Chile

Download Santiago, Chile Tailings Dam Case Study Background Anglo American plc is a multinational mining company that is one of the worlds largest producers of copper. Los Bronces is Anglo Americans open-cut copper and molybdenum mine one o...

Xiangjiaba Dam, SW China

Download Xiangjiaba Dam, SW China Case Study Background The Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia and the third longest river in the world. It is a vital part of life in the area. In order to control flooding downstream and control the...

Baixo Sabor Complex, Bragança, Portugal

Download Baixo Sabor, Bragana, Portugal Case Study Background Field works for the Baixo Sabor Complex in Bragana, Portugal, started in 2008, with production beginning in 2016. There are two dams and a hydroelectric power station located in...

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