Highway Materials Testing


    • Controls Group- Automax PRO-M SMART line, fully automatic control console
    • Model: Controls Group- Automax PRO-M SMART line, fully automatic control console
      Country of Origin: Italy
      Use: automatic standard failure tests and advanced concrete mechanical properties assessment

      The instrument complies with international standards: EN 12390-3, EN 12390-4, EN 12390-5, EN 12390-6, EN 1338, EN 1339, EN 1340, EN 196-1, EN 772-1, ASTM C39, ASTM C78, ASTM C293, ASTM C496, AASHTO T22
    • IPC Automatic Ring and Ball Tester
    • Model: IPC The Automatic Ring and Ball Tester
      Country of Origin: Italy
      Use: allows fully automatic performance of softening point determination of binders conforming to most common international Standards.
    • Laser Technology- Asphalt Binder LTI-210
    • Model: Laser Technology- Asphalt Binder LTI-210
      Country of Origin: USA
      Use: measure single and multiple stress creep/recovery characteristics of asphalt binders
    • Cooper Gyratory Compactor
    • Model: Cooper Gyratory Compactor
      Country of Origin: UK
      Use: Asphalt Compaction

      The instrument complies with international standards: 
      - EN 12697 – 31
      - ASTM D6925
      - AASHTO T312
      - TEX 241-F
    • Cooper Balanced Mix Design Frame
    • Model: Cooper Balanced Mix Design Frame
      Country of Origin: UK
      Use: The Balanced Mix Design Frame provides the ultimate solution for a lab looking to perform the key new BMD tests IDEAL-CT, IDEAL-RT, I-FIT, and SCB.

      The Instrument complies with international standards: 
      IDEAL-CT (TTI Method) — ASTM D8225
      IDEAL-RT (TTI Method) — ASTM WK71466
      I-FIT (SCB IL Method) — AASHTO TP124
      SCB (LSU Method) — ASTM D8084
      TSR — AASHTO T283
      ISS (Interlayer Shear Strength) — AASHTO TP114
      TxDOT (Interlayer Shear Strength) – Tex-249-F
      Marshall — ASTM D6927, AASHTO T245
      BS EN 12697-23

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    Small class | high density elec

    The high density resistivity instrument High density electrical apparatus is a traditional method based on the theory of a new generation of electrical equipment in the development of computer and information monitoring based on modern scie

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