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EARTH PRODUCTS CHINA LIMITED Total Solution Provider for Advanced Civil Engineering Testing Instruments

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From product demonstration to product maintenance, technical consultation to warranty servicing, we provide all round service to meet your needs. Find a branch near you, or contact us via phone or email. We will be more than happy to help.
HongKong Branch
Address: Hongkong Road No. 79 Kwai Chung Lei Asian trade center 12 floor
Fax: 00852-23955655
Telephone: 00852-23928698
Area: Hongkong, Macao and Southeast Asia region
GuangZhou Branch
Address: Guangzhou City, Tianhe District Fortune Plaza, No. 116 West Sports Road 2301 (510620)
Manager: Mr. Li Yue 13600050882
Fax: 020-83362080
Telephone: 400-700-9998
Area: Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Hainan
Beijing Branch
Address: Beijing Dongcheng District Chongwen street outside the A New World Center, No. 3 room 1105 (100062)
Manager: Mr. Li Hongwei 13801310516
Fax: 010-67082160
Telephone: 010-67082860
Area: Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi, Hebei (except Qinhuangdao), Inner Mongolia
(except Hulun Buir, Xingan Meng, Tongliao, Chifeng)
ShangHai Branch
Address: Shanghai City, Pudong New Area Taolin road A universal Plaza No. 18 room 1306 (200135)
Manager: Mr. Tu Qi Wei 13816332763
Fax: 021-58211778
Tel: 021-58219849, 58219850
Area: Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangxi
ShenYang Branch
Address: Shenyang city Shenhe District North Station Road B Wealth Center No. 53 room 1305 (110013)
Manager: Ms. Ren Feng 13840042294
Fax: 024-23242359
Tel: 024-23213742, 23852327
Area: Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Hebei (Qinhuangdao), Inner Mongolia (Hulun Buir, Xingan Meng, Tongliao, Chifeng)
NanJing Branch
Address: Nanjing city Zhongshan Road Huijie square No. 268 room 1403 (210008)
Manager: Mr. Zhao Yuan 13776672537
Fax: 025-83197200
Tel: 025-83190370, 83190371
Area: Jiangsu, Anhui
Xi'An Branch
Address: Xi'an high tech Zone Technology Road No. 33 Gaoxin international business center digital building 602 (710075)
Tel:(029)88337488 88337485
Area: Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang
ChengDu Branch
Address: No. 68 Chengdu times Jinjiang District city Zhi Quan No. 8 Building 2509 room (610015)
Manager: Mr. Li Mao 13981842557
Area: Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou, Tibet
Wuhan Branch
Address: Wuhan City, East Lake high tech Development Zone Luoyu Road No. 889-1 Rongzhong international room 2101 (430072)
Manager: Mr. Xiong Wei 13638607861
Tel:(027)87864202 87869152
Area: Hubei
ShenZhen Branch
Address: Shenzhen Luohu City People's Road No. 1008 Hua Min building 11 building F room (518001)
Manager: Mr. Pan Ying 13924678610
Fax: 0755-82348570
Telephone: 0755-823447308234470782344706
Area: Shenzhen
FuZhou Branch
Address: Fuzhou City, the East Second Ring Road, Jinan District Taihe square two office building C3 No. 21 unit 23-25 (350011)
Manager: Mr. Xiao Ming 13615047383
Fax: 0591-87388116
Telephone: 0591-8738811987388113
Area: Fujian
JinAn Branch
Address: Ji'nan City Industrial Road No. 100 building, room 1612, thr (250100)
Manager: Mr. Xu Zihao 13964084766
Fax: 0531-81795600
Telephone: 0531-8179560181795602
Area: Shandong Henan
Total Solution Provider for Advanced Civil Engineering Testing Instruments
  • 400-700-9998
  • Service Time : Monday to Sunday, 9:00-18:00
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