Pavement Quality Indicator


    • Instrotek ValiDator I & II Nuclear Gauge Calibration and Verification System
    • Model: Instrotek ValiDator I & II Nuclear Gauge Calibration and Verification System
      Country of Origin: US
      Use: Nuclear Gauge Calibration and Verification System

      The Instrument complies with International Standards: .
      ASTM & AASHTO standards for calibration and verification of gauges via blocks and ValiDator:
      ASTM standard for gauges and block calibrations – ASTM D7759
      AASHTO standard for gauges – AASHTO T310 (verification)
    • Sweco Primax 2500/ 3500 HWD Airports
    • Model:Sweco Primax 2500/ 3500 HWD Airports
      Country of Origin:Danmark
      Use:Analysing and calculating data collected with the PRIMAX HWD with PRIMAX Design Software allows you to assess airfield pavement layer condition.
    • Sweco Primax 1500 FWD Roads
    • Model:Sweco Primax 1500 FWD Roads
      Country of Origin:Danmark
      Use:Utilising a Falling Weight Deflectometer you can collect data to support the optimisation of pavement maintenance budgets.
    • SDG 200 Non-Nuclear Soil Density Gauge
    • Model: SDG 200
      Country of Origin:USA
      Use:To make fastnon-contact measurements of soil density and moisture content.Assure that compaction meets project specifications for solid foundations for civil infrastructure projects such as buildings bridges roads and dams.
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    The high density resistivity instrument High density electrical apparatus is a traditional method based on the theory of a new generation of electrical equipment in the development of computer and information monitoring based on modern scie

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