Piezometer and Leveloggers


    • Roctest-CP1 and CP15 Standpipe Piezometer




      The CP standpipe (or Casagrande) piezometer is used to measure pore-water pressure and water level in permeable soils in many geotechnical applications.

    • RocTest - PW Series Vibrating Wire Multi-Level Piezometer
    • Model: PW Series Vibrating Wire Multi-Level Piezometer
      Country of Origiin: Canada
      Use: The multi-level vibrating wire piezometer is perfect for measuring pore pressures at various depths beneath a single surface location.
    • RocTest - MOD-2A Mini Packers
    • Model: MOD-2A Mini Packers
      Country of Origiin: Canada
      Use: The MOD-2A system is used to measure the pore water pressure at the rock/concrete interface during construction or rehabilitation of underground structures
    • RocTest - LP and MP Inflatable Packer
    • Model: LP and MP Inflatable Packer
      Country of Origiin: Canada
      Use: Tough, versatile, adapted to a wide range of hole diameters, the packers are highly flexible and can be inflated with different fluids.
    • RocTest - FPC-2 Pneumatic Piezometer
    • Model: FPC-2 Pneumatic Piezometer
      Country of Origiin: Canada
      Use: Rugged, Stable and Accurate FPC-2 pneumatic piezometer suitable for use in both short term and long term monitoring program
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