Load Frame


    • GDS 1.5 MN Hydraulic Loadframe (HLF1500)
    • Model: GDS 1.5 MN Hydraulic Loadframe (HLF1500)
      Country of Origin: UK
      Use: The HLF1500 is a dynamic hydraulically actuated loadframe which can apply loads up to 1.5MN.
    • GDS - Hydraulic Load frames for Rock
    • Model: Hydraulic Load frames for Rock
      Country of Origiin: UK
      Use:  The GDS Hydraulic Loading Frames (HLF) are load frames with a hydraulic dynamic actuator mounted on the cross beam for axial stress/strain cyclic dynamic loading. The HLF frames are available in 100kN, 250kN, 1000kN and 1500kN loads.
      The system is capable of dynamically controlling axial displacement or axial force and can be synchronised with an optional dynamic cell pressure actuator (radial stress), to give an advanced capability of dynamic stress path testing. Using large diameter triaxial cells, the HLF enables tests to be performed on large particle sizes such as ballast.

    • GDS - Triaxial (Active Cell) Rock Testing System (AT-RTS)
    • Model: Triaxial (Active Cell) Rock Testing System (AT-RTS)
      Country of Origiin: UK
      Use: Meets ASTM D-3999, ASTM D-5311, and ASTM D-6528 Standards. The GDS high pressure active triaxial cell is capable of reaching axial loads up to 2000 kN (2 MN).
    • GDS - 50kN Load frame
    • Model: 50kN Load frame
      Country of Origiin: UK
      Use: The GDS 50kN load frame fulfils the role of a traditional compression/extension loading frame, but with advanced features you would expect from GDS.
    • GDS - Virtual Infinite Stiffness Load frames
    • Model: Virtual Infinite Stiffness Load frames
      Country of Origiin: UK
      Use: The GDS Virtual Infinite Stiffness loading system (GDSVIS) is the premier load frame in the GDS range with load capacities of 100kN, 250kN, 400kN and 500kN.

    • GDS - 10kN Load frame (GDSLF-10)
    • Model: 10kN Load frame (GDSLF-10)
      Country of Origin: UK
      Use: The GDS 10kN laboratory load frame with standalone keypad operation and USB interface for computer control. 
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