Environmental Monitoring Instruments


    • Hanwell - iSense GPRS Transmitter
    • Model: iSense GPRS
      Country of Origin: UK
      Use: The Hanwell iSense can be used with any probe for any parameter including temperature via wireless GPRS technology for remote areas.
    • Hanwell - RFBug Slimline RH/T Radio Transmitter
    • Model: RFBug Slimline RH/T Radio Transmitter
      Country of Origin: UK
      Use: Part of the Hanwell Pro 400 (Bug) Series, the RFBug is a slimline temperature and humidity radio transmitter with no display. This reliable transmitter is used with our renowned Hanwell Pro temperature humidity monitoring system for 24/7 data and instant alarm notifications. 
    • dotOcean - Calypso
    • This is the Calypso autonomous inflatable board, a multi sensor carrier platform.

    • Hanwell - ML4114 Temperature and Humidity Radio Transmitter
    • Model: ML4114 Temperature and Humidity Radio Transmitter
      Country of Origin: UK
      Use: The ML4114 is a temperature humidity meter typically used for our heritage customers for its discreet design. This reliable transmitter is used with our renowned Hanwell Pro wireless system for 24/7 monitoring and alarm notifications.
    • Soil Contamination Surveyor
    • Model:ECOPROBE 5
      Country of Origin:Czech Republic
      Use:Detection, delineation and monitoring of hydrocarbon and other organic contamination of soils and/or water table from fuel spills Fast and convenient monitoring of UST and pipe-lines for leakage Waste dumps & agricultural waste measurement Monitoring of contaminant plume migration Monitoring of in-situ bio-remediation processes Detection and monitoring of Methane effluence over closed coal mines Detection and monitoring of gaseous toxins in industrial plants and agriculture Detection and monitoring of contaminant effluents from various fittings sealing in chemical/petrochemical industry. Meets EPA 21 standards. Air pollution monitoring
    • Field EnviroStation
    • Model:EnviroStation
      Country of Origin:Australia
      Use:Agricultural research; Aerial spraying; EPA monitoring; Farm management; Horticulture; Meteorology; Pollution monitoring;Air quality;Water quality;Severe weather warning(Golf courses;Forest fires;Frost alarms);Viticulture
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    Small class | high density elec

    The high density resistivity instrument High density electrical apparatus is a traditional method based on the theory of a new generation of electrical equipment in the development of computer and information monitoring based on modern scie

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