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    • Rubble Master Mobile Crushers
    • Model:Rubble Master Mobile Crushers
      Country of Origin:Switzerland
      Use:RM Compact Recyclers are the cost-effective solution for mobile processing: multiple applications, powerful and excellent value retention.
    • RM V550GO!
    • Model:RM V550GO!
      Country of Origin:Austria
      Use:The RM V550GO! brings together the technology of a cone crusher and vertical shaft impactor. Combined with the benefits of the RM GO! principle, it is more of a compact sand and grit mill than a mobile crusher. The crushing technology produces an unsurpassed level of pulverisation.
    • RM100 GO
    • Model:RM 100GO!
      Country of Origin:Austria
      Use:The RM 100GO! is the star among the mobile crushers – a mobile power pack for every application. It is ready for action within minutes and can handle a wide variety of materials extremely quickly. Weighing in at only 29 t when empty, it crushes up to 250 tonnes of material per hour.
    • RM80 GO
    • Model:RM80 GO!
      Country of Origin:Austria
      Use:High performance and profitable – these are the characteristics which best describe the RM 90GO!. Brimming with versatility it transforms all mineral materials into high-quality cubic aggregate at up to 160 t/h. Thanks to its mobility it is at home in city centres as well as in the mountains.
    • RM70 GO
    • Model:RM 70GO! 2.0
      Country of Origin:Austria
      Use:The RM 70GO! 2.0 conjures up to 120 t/h cubic high-quality grain from rubble, asphalt, concrete and natural rock. As a mobile crusher, it is the ideal machine for companies which have discovered recycling as a new and profitable line of business. Easy, compact and powerful.
    • RM60
    • Model:RM 60
      Country of Origin:Austria
      Use:The RM 60 is the most compact RM crusher and the ideal choice for processing smaller quantities for businesses which are looking to expand their activities and increase profits. Like all RM crushers, the 12 tonne model can also be combined with high-performance pre-screens and post-screens.
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