Off-Shore Testing
Geomil - Manta 200 Seabed CPT System

Seabed CPT system The Manta-200 represents the latest generation Cone Penetration Test (CPT) system for determining offshore seabed soil conditions. Deployed from a steady positioned vessel or platform, the Manta-200 is designed for rapid a...

Geomil - Shark 200 Nearshore CPT system

Nearshore CPT system The Shark-200 (Submersible Heave-free Aquatic Riser Kit) is designed to produce the highest quality marine CPT(U) without the marine environment affecting your CPT(U) data. The Shark-200 is designed for nearshore and in...

Geomil - Orca 125 Down-The-Hole CPT and Soil Sampling System

Offshore / onshore Down-the-hole CPT soil sampling system The standard version of the Orca-125 system is designed for depths up to 1 200 m and is available for various drill systems and can be deployed for either wire line or umbilical oper...

Offshore Testing - GDS Instruments

OFFSHORE TESTING It has been estimated the worlds energy consumption will increase by 56% over the next 30 years. Nuclear power and renewables are the fastest-growing sources of world energy, both increasing at an average annual rate of 2.5...

Offshore Testing - Marchetti

DMT can be executed from a jackup. Since the working plane is fixed, DMT is executed in the same way as it is executed on land. A guide tube from the working plane, down to the the seafloor, contains the pushrods and prevents them from buck...

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