Wheel Measuring System

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    • TML - Frictional type Axial Strain Transducer FGAH-1B-R / FGAH-1B-H
    • Model: Frictional type Axial Strain Transducer FGAH-1B-R / FGAH-1B-H
      Country of Origin: Japan
      Use: This transducer measures axial strain of steering tie-rod of a car and consists of two types FGAH-1B-R and FGAH-1B-H for which a cross section of the rod is round shape or hexagon's.
    • TML - Vehicle Onboard Measurement Example using Multi-recorder TMR-200
    • Model: Vehicle Onboard Measurement Example using Multi-recorder TMR-200
      Country of Origin: Japan
      Use: An example of wheel torque measurement system using the multi-recorder TMR-200 is shown here. The system consists of a digital telemetry type wheel torque transducer LTW-ND, telemetry receiver DT-24R, multi-recorder TMR-200 system including telemeter I/F unit TMR-252 and control unit TMR-211, and a personal computer for control and wave analysis.
    • TML - Surge absorber terminal SAT
    • Model: Surge absorber terminal SAT
      Country of Origin: Japan
      Use: These are terminals with built-in gas tube arresters for connecting transducers and instruments.
    • TML - Arrester NZ-6B
    • Model: Arrester NZ-6B
      Country of Origin: Japan
      Use: The NZ-6B is an arrester designed for connection to a cable of strain gauges or strain gauge type transducer. If a surge current is induced in the cable by lightning, it works to route the surge current to ground so that the strain gauges and/or the connected instrument are not damaged.
    • TML - Arrester NZ-7C
    • Model: Arrester NZ-7C
      Country of Origin: Japan
      Use: The NZ-7C is connected to the cable between the data logger and the switching box.
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