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New product introduction- T-ZACCS5 Data Logger TS-560
Release time:2020-08-19
New product introduction- T-ZACCS5 Data Logger TS-560
A new model of compact data loggers after TDS

T-ZACCS 5 TS-560 is a data logger that is easily capable of multi-point measurement when combined with high speed switching box IHW-50G and/or switching box ISW-50G. The maximum number of measuring point is 1000, and an arbitrary combination of inputs including strain gauges, strain gauge type transducers, dc voltage, thermocouples and Pt-RTDs are available according to the measurement conditions. Since it has achieved smaller and more lightweight construction than conventional data loggers, it is applicable to various measurement situations. The color LCD touch screen provides comfortable and intuitive operation and clear monitoring display. In addition to real-time monitoring, it is possible to make quick confirmation/verification of measured data after the measurement.
  • Data are securely held by the robust built-in data memory
  • Stable interval measurement possible at clock accuracy of daily rate ±1 second
  • Batch setting of coefficient, unit, decimal point and sensor type using “Sensor ID”
  • “Quick interval” function provided for interval measurement without the need for setting
  • “Remote data logger” function provided for control through an internet browser
  • Number of measuring point is 1000 at maximum (using external switching boxes)
  • Equipped with Complete Compensation Method of Strain
  • Various check functions (automatic checking using timer is possible)
  • Touch screen color LCD monitor
  • Automatic measurement function using interval timer and monitor comparator
  • SD card and USB memory are accepted as recording media
  • Equipped with LAN, USB and RS-232C as standard specifications
  • Powered by built-in battery even if external power supply is interrupted
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