Pocket Load Meter MM-014L
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    Model: MM-014L
    Country of Origin: Japan  
    The MM-014 is a small and light-weight instrument that enables strain measurement by easy operation. Our unique measurement method is employed for highly accurate and stable measurement.
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T-ZACCS3 Pocket Load Meter MM-014L
Peak value of instantaneously changing load is securely detected

The MM-014L is a hand-held instrument used in combination with a strain gauge type transducer such as load cell or displacement transducer for direct reading of physical quantities. It is small, light-weight and easy-to-carry. The measurement is possible by only setting the capacity and rated output of the connected transducer. Its peak hold function enables display and recording of peak value in addition to ordinary measured value. The measured values are stored in the internal data memory and a SD card, which allows easy and smooth data acquisition. The display is clearly visible even outdoors owing to the use of reflective color LCD. Intuitive operation is possible using the function keys which are linked with icons in the screen.

  • Small, light-weight and easy to carry
  • Peak hold function provided
  • Simultaneous display of monitored value and peak value
  • Bridge excitation is switchable between constant voltage and constant current
  • Settings of 20 transducers can be stored and retrieved for easy setting
  • Batch setting of coefficient, unit, display digit and offset using “Sensor ID”
  • Accepts TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) sensor
  • Reflective color LCD with low power consumption (display switchable between Japanese and English)
  • Measured data are recorded into internal memory for up to 6000 times
  • Easy data acquisition using SD card


Type MM-014L
Number of measuring point 1 point
Bridge excitation Constant voltage method: DC 2V
Constant current method: 5.7 mA (2V at 350Ω bridge)
Applicable transducer Strain gauge type transducer (full bridge)
Applicable gauge resistance Constant voltage method: 120 ~ 1000 Ω
Constant current method: 350Ω
Cable extension distance for constant current mode Total resistance of cable 45 Ω or less
Measuring range ±30,000×10-6strain
Resolution 1×10-6strain
Initial value memory range ±16,000×10-6strain
Peak hold item + peak value, - peak value
Peak hold method Analog detection, Digital hold
Peak hold accuracy DC ~ 100Hz: ± 1%FS
100 ~ 200Hz: ± 3%FS
200 ~ 300Hz: ± 5%FS (when low pass filter is PASS)
Low pass filter 30, 100, 300 Hz and PASS  -3dB±1dB
Measurement mode Initial, Direct, Measure
Program setting Coefficient, Unit, Decimal point, Offset
Coefficient setting Sensor ID, TEDS, Coefficient input
Interval timer Measurement at set intervals
Zero tracking If the change of measured value remains within the set value in the set time, the current measured value is regarded as zero.  This process is repeated.
    Set value: 1 ~ 10 digits in increments of 1 digit
    Set time: 10 ~ 60 seconds in increments of 10 seconds
Auto power OFF Automatically turns off the power if neither key operation nor command through interface is accepted for the specified time (ON/OFF setting of auto power-OFF function possible)
Display 2.7 inch TFT color liquid crystal display
Resolution 400 × 240 dot
Operation Function key 1/2/3, UP/DOWN key, ENTRY key, POWER key
Internal memory Function Measured data recording, Setting file recording/reading
Capacity 6000 data at maximum
Recording method Interval timer, ENTRY key (manual)
SD card Function Measured data recording, Setting file recording/reading
Physical format FAT16/32
Recording format CSV format
Capacity 512 Mbyte (specified by our company)
Interface Conforms to RS-232C (various settings, measurement, data acquisition)
Built-in battery Lithium-ion battery (1900 mAh)
Continuous operating time Approx. 6 hours (Condition  Temperature: 23°C±5°C Measurement: Monitoring (350Ω bridge) )
Charging time Approx. 3 hours
External power supply Exclusive USB AC adaptor (Type C)  AC 100 ~ 240 V  50/60 Hz
Operating environment 0 ~ +50°C  85%RH or less (no condensation)
Charging environment 0 ~ +40°C  85%RH or less (no condensation)
External dimensions 136(W) × 32(H) × 71(D) mm
Weight Approx. 300 g
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