OYO - Analog Water Level Meter
Water Level Meter

    Model: Analog Water Level Meter
    Country of Origin: Japan
    Use: Analog Water Level Meter measures water level and water temperature at a same time by one (1) probe.

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Analog Water Level Meter

Analog Water Level Meter measures water level and water temperature at a same time by one (1) probe. The probe is slim size with 18 mm in diameter only. User can use this for small size of monitoring well/hole.

Monitoring data is read out by electric current with 4 – 20 mA, then this instrument can be connected to a data logger marketed*. To get more reliable data, user can connect this to GSM i-SENSOR Analog 4.1ch of a remote monitoring system.


  • Minimum 20 mm in diameter PVC pipe can be used as a monitoring well.
  • It is not required correction of atmospheric pressure because of the cable with a built-in bent tube.
  • Stainless (SUS316) is used for the sensor parts and housing, then this instrument is resistant to corrosion.
  • There is high versatility for water level monitoring.


Measurement Range

Water Level : 10, 20, 35 m

Temperature : 0 to 50 degree C

Output Current

Water Level : 4 to 20 mA

Temperature : 0 to 5 mA
(Negative value can be output, but its measurement precision is beyond the specification.)

Measurement precision

Water level : ±0.2 % FS (±0.032 mA)

Temperature : ±1.0 degree C

Operation Voltage

8.0 - 24.0 V

Max. Cable Length

150 m

Load Resistance

Water Level : 200Ω or lower

Temperature : 1 kΩ or lower

Operation Temperature range

0 to +50 degree C (without freeze)

Prove External Dimension

φ18 × L250 mm (without rubber tube section)

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