Delta LTL-3000 Retroreflectometer
Road Marking Retroreflectometer
    Model: Delta LTL 3000 Retroreflectometer
    Country of Origin: Denmark
    Use: The LTL 3000 is a very compact device of the latest generation for measuring the night (RL) and day visibility (Qd) of road markings (wet and dry). 

    The instrument complies with international standards:
    China standards: GB/T 16311-2009
    International standards: EN1436, ASTM D6628,  ASTM E1710, ASTM E2177, ASTM E2302, ASTM E2367
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Delta LTL 3000 Retroreflectometer

The LTL 3000 is a very compact device of the latest generation for measuring the night (RL) and day visibility (Qd) of road markings (wet and dry). Measurements can be taken both day and night on dry and wet markings.
The LTL 3000 optionally fulfills the requirements of DIN-EN 1436,  ASTM D 6628, ASTM E 1710, ASTM E 2177, ASTM E 2302, ASTM E 2367, ASTM E 2832 and China standards: GB/T 16311-2009. Each device has a calibration standard from DELTA's calibration laboratory for photometry, which is accredited by DANAK.
According to current planning, the LTL 3000 will be available from the end of April 2020, with some extras not available until summer/autumn 2020.


  • Simultaneous measurement of night visibility RL and day visibility Q d under dry and wet conditions
  • Measures RL on profiled markings up to 15 mm / 0.6 inch
  • Memory capacity up to 8 GB
  • Multiple language
  • Easy-readable color touch LED display with 3 buttons
  • USB memory stick interface
  • Power supply, standard Bosch professional battery, convenience to change on site

The LTL-3000 has the same automatic stray light compensation function as other DELTA reticle retroreflectometers. Sunlight and other external light sources will not affect its measurement accuracy . LTL3000 measure all types of road markings at a simulated distance of 30 m with a high accuracy. The instrument operates with a reproducibility of +/- 5 % and a repeatability of +/- 2 %.

New functions

Measuring chromaticity coordinates (x, y)

LTL-3000 can measure nighttime chromaticity coordinates (x,y) according to ASTM E2367 and CIE 1931. LTL-3000 measures the color of night reflected light-CIE chromaticity, which can measure the chromaticity performance of white and yellow marking lines. The color coordinate is one of the important contents of chromatics. The measurement of the color coordinate of the light source is one of the important methods to study the characteristics of the light source. In studying the chromaticity performance of the marking, it also plays an important role in guiding the marking to drive safely.

The LTL-3000 optical receiver is composed of three detectors that match the three-color sensitivity functions X, Y and Z of the human eye. The light reflected from the road markings is received and analyzed from the three receivers, including the 3 signals X , Y and Z to calculate the chromaticity coordinates:


Width: 50 mm / 2 inch
Hight: 180 mm / 7.1 inch
Illumination angle RL EN 1436: 1.24°
Observation angle RL EN 1436: 2.29°
Illumination angle RL ASTM E 1710: 88.76°
Observation angle RL ASTM E 1710: 1.05°
RL range (mcd·m-2·lx-1) 0 - 4000
Qd range (mcd·m-2·lx-1) 0 - 318
Measurement time: <1 sec
Weight: 4,7 Kg / 10.4 lbs

Calibration method in accordance with international standards
The LTL-3000 instrument is RL calibrated by DELTA in the Danak laboratory of Denmark according to ISO17025 and ensures traceability to PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) and NIST (American National Institute of Standards and Technology).
Smaller and lighter transport case
Based on the smaller product size of LTL-3000, the size and weight of its transport box are also greatly reduced on the original basis, which is more convenient for on-site transportation and use, greatly increased the convenience of actual operation.

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