Structure Health Monitoring (SHM) System
Release time:2020-09-04
Structure Health Monitoring (SHM) System
Recent project description:
A construction site was erected in close proximity to the client’s building. As the nearby construction site may cause severe vibration and eventually structural damages to this building, we need to closely monitor the acceleration, velocity as well as displacement of the building. To perform such prevention, 5 sets of GeoSIG vibration monitoring system were installed to closely measure the vibration of the building and provide data with high degree of accuracy and precision. This system is also set to alarm the engineers through email and SMS in case of volatile movements which exceeds a certain set value. Thus, the system provides time for engineers to react accordingly and maintain the structural integrity of the building.
Equipment Including:

GeoSIG AC-73 Accelerometer
GeoSIG AC-73 sensor package is a true electro-mechanical triaxial accelerometer. Designed for broadband vibration monitoring and vibration measuring which requires highly sensitive and rugged sensors with minimum maintenance and a simple method for periodic testing, GeoSIG AC-73 provides a signal at the utmost accuracy and with a lowest possible noise level. The accelerometer faithfully keeps its scaling and calibration even under extreme conditions.
5 sets of GeoSIG AC-73 Accelerometers were placed in separate locations in the buildings to test its acceleration. With this data, we can have the information on the velocity and displacement of the buildings. Consequently, we can measure and monitor the vibration of the building with this accurate and precise data.
In case of ground motion, AC-73 yields an electrical output proportional to the current used to keep the mass centered. The accelerometer faithfully keeps its scaling and calibration even under extreme conditions. It outputs signal with the highest accuracy and lowest noise.
GeoSIG GMS Plus is the GeoSIG Measuring Systems and data logger with high performance, excellent operational flexibility and enhanced connectivity. The unit is based on the GMS technology of NetQuakes Seismographs, which are developed in close coordination with USGS, and deployed in high quantities in North America establishing the NetQuakes network.
For the vibration monitoring system, the data generated from GeoSIG AC-73 Accelerometer were collected and stored as data logs within different GMSPlus. The data logs were relayed back to the server via Wi-Fi or cellular network. 
Other Equipment:
Computer, Wifi Router, Modem.
Software Including:

GeoSIG GeoDas Graphical Vibration Monitoring Software
GeoDAS is the primary channel of communication with the sensors. This graphical Microsoft Windows-based application provides the most comprehensive, intuitive and versatile features available in the vibration, seismic, structural, dynamic and static monitoring and measuring industry. It provides live data stream, trigger event and ringbuffer files for analysis.
Also, alarm message could be sent through SMS and email with client’s preferred trigger level setup.

GeoSIG GeoSmart Structural Health Monitoring and Modelling Analysis Software
GeoSIG GeoSmart can generate 3D model to simulate the movement of the buildings in great details. It is an innovative graphical Java-based application that provides tools for realtime structural health monitoring for civil engineering structures. GeoSMART, with its "smart" features, can monitor and display the status of a structure that is equipped with GeoSIG measuring instruments.
GeoSMART has been designed to meet fundamental engineering requirements with respect to structural health monitoring applications.


With the GeoSIG vibration monitoring system which requires minimum maintenance, we can perform a real-time monitoring on the vibration of the building. With great accuracy and fast notification system through email and SMS, we can prevent the structural damages of the building from volatile movements caused by extreme vibration. 
The GeoSIG vibration monitoring system contains GeoSIG AC-73 Accelerometer and GeoSIG GMSPlus, combined with GeoDAS Graphical Vibration Monitoring Software and GeoSmart Structural Health Monitoring software. With utmost level of accuracy and precision, this system provides a perfect solution for vibration monitoring of the buildings. 
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