Controls Group Adiabatic concrete calorimeter
Concrete Testing System
    Model: Controls Group Adiabatic concrete calorimeter
    Country of Origin: Italy
    Use: Real time measurement of heat of hydration of 150mm concrete cube during hardening

    The instrument complies with international standards:
    EN 12390-15
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Controls Group Adiabatic concrete calorimeter
EN 12390-15

When concrete is curing and hardening, the hydration reaction of cement develops a large amount of heat with an increase in temperature. The temperature rise accelerates hardening of cement however, if it is not properly dissipated, it can cause the arise of tensile stresses inside the concrete structure with the consequent appearance of cracks and reduction of mechanical properties.

This effect is encountered particularly in massive concrete castings, due to the limited heat dispersion, leading the behaviour closer to adiabatic conditions.

The isothermal and semi-adiabatic testing methods are consequently less representative and most commonly used for mortars and cement pastes, basically to compare the behaviour of different types of cements.

The adiabatic method is the only method allowing correct evaluation of the heating process inside massive concrete works.

CONTROLS is the only testing equipment manufacturer who developed in the late 80s, in partnership with the main research laboratories, the first industrial adiabatic concrete calorimeter, so far having been limited to few prototypes in reasearch centers.

Nowadays the equipment has been completely renewed with the latest technologies, including new electronics and PC software, ensuring high testing accuracy.
  • Real time measurement of heat of hydration of 150mm concrete cube during hardening
  • ​Reliable evaluation of the heating process inside massive concrete castings
  • Calorimeter cell with minimized heat loss from the concrete sample for true adiabatic conditions
  • Evaluation of the heat of hydration taking into consideration the temperature reached by the concrete

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