Controls Group UTM - HPT Series with HPU 200 control unit
Universal Testing Machine
    Model: Controls Group UTM - HPT Series with HPU 200 control unit
    Country of Origin: Italy
    Use: Powerful hydraulic system which offers high test throughput improving efficiency of the laboratory.

    The instrument complies with international standards:
    EN ISO 6892 | EN ISO 7500-1 | ASTM A370 | EN ISO 15630-1
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Controls Group UTM - HPT Series with HPU 200 control unit
EN ISO 6892 | EN ISO 7500-1 | ASTM A370 | EN ISO 15630-1

Powerful hydraulic system which offers high test throughput improving efficiency of the laboratory.

High flexibility covering the following applications:  

  • Steel
    • Tensile tests on steel rebars and rounds up to 78 mm dia.
    • Tensile test on steel flats up to 72 x 100 mm
    • Tensile tests on wire strands and electro-welded steel screen
    • Transverse tests on steel specimens
    • Bend and re-bend tests on steel specimens
    • Brinell with 10mm ball
    • Shear tests on rounds
  • Concrete
    • Compression tests on cubes and cylinders
    • Flexural tests on concrete beams
    • Indirect tensile on cylinders, cubes and paving blocks
    • Determination of the Modulus of elasticity
    • Pull out test
  • Various
    • Compression tests on rock, masonry units, refractories etc.
    • Wire rope tensile tests
    • Nut and bolt testing
    • Tensile test on headed and shouldered specimens
The range includes four models of 1000 kN, 1200 kN, 1500 kN and 2000 kN cap. All models are controlled by the new and sophisticated HPU 200 control unit and are complete with PC, upper and lower hydraulically operated jaws, complete set of grips for rounds and flats, transverse test attachment and high precision load cell providing high accuracy from the very beginning of the load scale.

Loading frame
The frame consists essentially of a robust four columns frame with three sturdy crossheads: upper is directly connected to the lower one by two main columns; the middle one, moving on two screw columns, can be adjusted through an electric motor by using the dedicated push button panel, in order to set  the required vertical daylight both for compression and tensile tests; the lower is controlled by a simple effect piston centrally positioned. Jaws and wedge grips are included . The tensile  jaws are directly operated by the Power control console with a push-button panel. The compression tests are performed  between the lower and the mobile middle crossheads, using the suitable accessories.

Power and control console - HPU 200  
Control console HPU 200 features space-saving ergonomic design with small footprint and houses the hydraulic power unit, the electronic system and the PC to manage all the control functions.
Automatically performs steel tensile testing, compression, splitting tests, Elastic Modulus and Poisson's ratio determination on concrete specimens. See Accessories.
PC and software enable remote control of the complete system.

The system can be upgraded for a second frame connection and control by a special hydraulic valve system (70-T10/2F). Normally adopted to connect a concrete compression frame  up to 5000 kN capacity, to perform  not only compression, but other important tests as for example the Modulus of Elasticity, with the related software (model 82-SW/EM). Selection of the test frame via software.

For more info see Technical Specifications.

Safety features
  • Pressure valve that automatically stops the machine when the oil pressure approaches the limit
  • Maximum travel limit switches to control the position of the mobile crosshead
  • Software stops the machine when the maximum load is reached
  • Emergency stop button 
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