Proceq Pundit PD8000
Concrete Integrity Testing

    Model: Proceq Pundit PD8000
    Country of Origin: Switzerland
    Use: Concrete imaging with on-site 3D visualization and Artificial Intelligence

    The instrument complies with Guidelines:
    RI-ZFP-TU, ZTV-ING Teil 5 Tunnelbau, ACI 228.2R-13, DGZfP-Merkblatt B04

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Proceq Pundit PD8000
complies with Guidelines: RI-ZFP-TU, ZTV-ING Teil 5 Tunnelbau, ACI 228.2R-13, DGZfP-Merkblatt B04

Pundit PD8000, the wireless inspection solution with multi-channel ultrasonic pulse echo technology, brings on-site structural concrete assessment and imaging to the next level when it comes to pragmatism and productivity. 

Pundit PD8000 is powered by intelligent software for real-time visualization providing unmatched precision, sharpness, focus and image stability for the longest scans and at unheard-of before  penetration depths. The A.I.-powered data analysis makes it easy to identify features and flaws, interpret them, and communicate the value of your inspection work to your customer.





Unmatched insights with unparalleled geometrical accuracy and image clarity at superior depths

Complete on-site structural assessment with A.I. support and various visualization modes (including AR)

Unbeatable on-site productivity thanks to superior ergonomics and digital workflows


20 - 80 kHz


Multi-channel Ultrasonic Pulse Echo

Pulse Voltage UPE

+/- 50 to +/- 150 V

Receiver Gain

1 to 10’000 (0 to 80 dB)

Nominal Transducer Frequency

40 kHz

Pulse Shape

Square Wave

Pulse Delay

8 ms - 200 ms

Number of Channels

8 (with upgrade option to 16)

Maximum depth range (dry concrete)

up to 2 m / 6.6 ft depending on concrete quality


- Location of grouting defects in tendon ducts

- Quality assessment

- Compressive strength estimation

- Thickness measurement from a single side

- Location of delaminations, voids and honeycoming

- Location of pipes and tendon ducts beyond the rebar layer

- Location of hollow pipes

- Assessment of fiber-reinforced concrete

- Pulse velocity determination

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