Proceq Pundit 200
Concrete Integrity Testing

    Model: Proceq Pundit 200
    Country of Origin: Switzerland
    Use: Assessment of structural integrity and localization of defects and voids in concrete and rock through ultrasonic testing
    The instrument complies with international standards:
    EN 12504-4, ASTM C 597-02, ISO 1920-7:2004, IS 13311, CECS 21, ГОСТ 17624

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Proceq Pundit 200
EN 12504-4, ASTM C 597-02, ISO 1920-7:2004, IS 13311, CECS 21, ГОСТ 17624

Structural defects cause serious damages and collapses. Ultrasonic testing provides information on the strength and uniformity of concrete, rock, composites, ceramics, wood, epoxy, refractory materials and can be used to detect and localize voids, honeycombs, delaminations, pipes, cracks and defects. The ultrasonic pulse echo (UPE) technology extends ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) applications to objects where access is restricted to a single side. Proceq Pundit offers the most versatile range of ultrasonic testing instruments that are ergonomic and portable.



Pundit 200


The Pundit Lab is a flexible UPV test instrument designed primarily for operation in laboratories. It supports all traditional UPV test modes. The Pundit Lab+ comes with an extended feature set. 


Automated combination of the transmitter voltage and the receiver gain for accurate and stable measurements

Open interface, can be integrated into LabView

Pundit Lab+ removes the need for external amplification when used with exponential transducers


20 to 500 kHz


Ultrasonic pulse velocity

Measuring Resolution

0.1 us

Pulse Voltage UPV

125 to 500 V

Receiver Gain

1x, 10x, 100x, AUTO, Pundit Lab+ up to 1000x

Nominal Transducer Frequency

24 – 500 kHz

Pulse Shape

Square Wave

Number of Channels




- Pulse velocity determination

- Quality assessment

- Compressive strength estimation


- Modulus of elasticity measurement

- Curing status evaluation

- Crack depth estimation

- Assessment of fiber-reinforced concrete


Additional Applications

- Asphalt healing process

- Large pillar

- Cultural relics

- Underwater structures

- Refractory material

- Epoxy in wind industry

- SONREB - combining Pundit and RockSchmidt

- Underwater bridge pier

- NDT of rock reference list

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