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New Product Introduction- 3D-Radar DXV Antenna Array
Release time:2020-10-16

The next generation of GPR equipment
Introducing - The DXV Antenna Array
A Game-changer for the GPR Community Combining Unique Depth Penetration With Superior Detail Resolution.

The next-generation DXV Antenna Array is designed for unique performance in locating deep utilities and pipelines, sink holes, voids, geological features and deep subsurface structures. The antenna series is the ultimate geophysical tool for large-scale utility mapping. It provides understanding of the deeper subsurface like never before.

✔ Deeper subsurface Imaging
A superior combination of high-resolution imaging and depth capabilities.
✔ Optimized performance
Improved performance in poor ground conditions and exceptional performance in reasonable to good ground conditions
✔ Maintains shallow resolution
Imaging at greater depth without the loss of resolution of smaller diameter objects in shallow areas that is typically experienced in low frequency pulse based GPR solutions

Key Product Features

  • Focused performance within lower frequency range
  • Improved penetration while maintaining high resolution at intermediate depth levels
  • Features deep penetration antenna elements - 16.4cm channel spacing
  • Integrated PPS receiver for improved positioning
  • Bandwidth – 90MHz – 1,000MHz
  • Enhanced signal to noise ratio
  • Multi-channel step-frequency array
  • Easy to install and to deploy

The DXV in action


ANY size deep data collection requirement

Utility Mapping – Deep Pipelines, Sewers

Voids and sink holes

Dikes and levees

Geological stratigraphy

Mining & Quarrying

Geotechnical & Environmental

Forensics & Archaeology


Data examples in Examiner 3 software

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