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New Product Introduction- Geocomp LoadTrac III & FlowTrac III
Release time:2020-11-27
New Product Introduction- Geocomp LoadTrac III & FlowTrac III

General Description:
Geocomp is releasing a new line of products based on the redesigned LoadTrac III compact load frame and brand new FlowTrac III small form factor pressure and volume control flow pump. This new line is designed for the typical needs of commercial and teaching labs and offers customers high-quality lab testing systems at an affordable price. To partner with the lower cost units is a new suite of lower cost software control modules. In continuing Geocomp’s tradition of offering customers the most flexible systems on the market these new units can perform many test types on a single setup – making for an excellent return on investment.
The redesigned LoadTrac III incorporates improvements to internal electronics while the engineered design allows for a lower cost of sale. The load frame’s general specifications have not changed from the prior model. The compact load frame saves space in the lab and allows customers to install multiple systems to maximize productivity and performance.
The brand new FlowTrac III is a small form factor pressure and volume control flow pump intended mainly to partner with the LoadTrac III. It has a volume capacity of 200 cc (6.7 fl oz) and pressure capacity of ~1 MPa (150 psi), which more than satisfies requirements for common tests requiring pressure and volume control. The system operates like the larger FlowTrac II and is very user-friendly for lab technicians or students new to automated testing.
Combinations of the systems and software control modules will provide compression testing
for several popular geotechnical tests that must have accurate control of the rate of displacement during loading – 1-D Incremental Consolidation, Constant Rate of Strain Consolidation, Unconfined Compression and Triaxial (Unconsolidated Undrained, Consolidated Undrained & Consolidated Drained).
Special Features:
Fully Automated – Similar to other Geocomp products the LoadTrac III and FlowTrac III systems perform testing fully automated when combined with a software control module and desktop computer. Once the customer places the sample in the system and defines the test parameters the systems will perform the complete test from start to finish without user intervention.
Rugged Design – Although the LoadTrac III and FlowTrac III systems sell for a lower price there has been no sacrifice in quality of components. Geocomp’s time-tested designs allow for many years of reliable use. All outer housings and internal fixtures are anti-corrosive metal to protect them in the toughest environments – unlike many competitors who have changed to plastic components.
Test Flexibilty – The LoadTrac III and FlowTrac III combinations allow customers to perform many tests on a single setup – 1-D Incremental Consolidation, Constant Rate of Strain Consolidation, Unconfined Compression, and all types of Triaxial (UU, CU and CD). Lower cost compact load frames from other manufacturers typically only allow limited testing – often consolidation only.
New Software Modules – Customers can now purchase individual software modules at a lower cost to perform only the tests they require. For example, customers wishing to perform triaxial testing can purchase a module for only Unconsolidated Undrained (UU) testing. Previously customers were required to purchase a comprehensive module that ran all types of triaxial and stress path testing, which was often more than they required and created unwanted price increase.
Precision – Geocomp internal electronics offer the highest level of accuracy and precision with enhanced noise immunity. Sensor measurements can be sampled up to 1024 Hz to provide more data points for very short time interval tests and prevent loss of data. No multiplexed channels are used to ensure no phase lag between different analog measurements.
Controls – For those customers who wish to perform a test with manual control it can be done using the keypad and LCD display. This is a common request for teaching labs (university customers) where they often desire manual oedometers and systems the students must learn how each stage of a test is performed, manually log the data, and calculate their own results. Geocomp systems satisfy this need while also offering enhanced accuracy along with the possibility to perform tests in automated fashion and expose students to the type of testing they will find in modern industry.
Data Channels – The LoadTrac III offers 4 channels that can be used for Load, Displacement, Pressure and Volume measurements by various sensor types. Each channel allows for software configurable excitation voltage to easily and conveniently match any type of sensor.
System Protection – Automated over-load and over-travel protection prevents damage to systems.
Remote Accessibilty – Users can access the systems remotely from most devices using TeamViewer (or similar software), which allows monitoring and control of ongoing tests. This allows error prevention, test parameter adjustments if discovered necessary while away, avoiding “bad” tests, and advancing tests to completion faster when applicable.
Reporting – Upon completion of any test performed fully automated through the software control module the user can produce an immediate report with test plots (graphical) and calculated results (tabular).
Raw Data – For users interested in performing their own calculations, incorporating data into spreadsheets, or for importation into other lab information management software (LIMS) data can be exported in .CSV format.
Are there any general limitations customers should be aware of?
Maximum triaxial sample size is 50 mm (2 inch).
Can customers connect (network) these systems to their existing Geocomp products?
If a customer currently is operating Version 5 systems they will be able to connect the LoadTrac III and FlowTrac III along with existing units. Customers operating older Version 4 systems cannot – unless those systems are upgraded to Version 5. Note the maximum number of individual units that can be connected in series to a computer is five (5). To connect more than five units a network hub accessory is required.
Will the FlowTrac III work with the larger LoadTrac II load frame?
Technically, the FlowTrac III can be partnered with the LoadTrac II. However, currently the intent is to partner it with the LoadTrac III as part of the new line of lower cost systems targeted to commercial and teaching labs. Future marketing releases will notify of any new model configurations.
Can customers use their existing software modules with the new systems?
No. The new systems are designed to operate with our latest release of software control modules.
Can the FlowTrac III be used for any other test types not requiring a load frame?
Yes. The FlowTrac III can be used to perform Rowe Cell (hydraulic) consolidation and permeability testing.

What test system configurations are available?

Fully Automated Incremental Consolidation System
• LoadTrac III
• GeoNet PCI-e card (for tower PC)
• ICON software control module
• 2.5 klbf (11 kN) S-type load cell
• 25 mm displacement transducer
• 2.5 in (63.5 mm) fixed ring consolidometer (standard) – other options available

Fully Automated Unconfined Compression System
• LoadTrac III
• GeoNet PCI-e card (for tower PC)
• UC software control module
• 2.5 klbf (11 kN) S-type load cell
• 25 mm displacement transducer
• 3.0 in (76 mm) load cap & adapter for UC

Fully Automated Constant Rate of Consolidation System
• LoadTrac III
• FlowTrac III
• GeoNet PCI-e card (for tower PC)
• CRC software control module
• 2.5 klbf (11 kN) S-type load cell
• 25 mm displacement transducer
• Pressure transducer
• 2.5 in (63.5 mm) back pressure consolidometer (standard)

Fully Automated Triaxial System
• LoadTrac III (with extended height posts)
• 1 FlowTrac III (UU) or 2 FlowTrac III (CU/CD)
• GeoNet PCI-e card (for tower PC)
• UU, CU and/or CD software control module(s)
• 2.5 klbf (11 kN) S-type load cell
• 25 mm displacement transducer
• 3410 model triaxial cell – accepts up to 2.0 in (50 mm) diameter specimen
• Triaxial testing accessories – cap/pedestal, membranes, vacuum split mold, membrane stretcher, O-rings and porous stones

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