Controls Group- Automax PRO-M SMART line, fully automatic control console
Automatic Control Console
    Model: Controls Group- Automax PRO-M SMART line, fully automatic control console
    Country of Origin: Italy
    Use: automatic standard failure tests and advanced concrete mechanical properties assessment

    The instrument complies with international standards: EN 12390-3, EN 12390-4, EN 12390-5, EN 12390-6, EN 1338, EN 1339, EN 1340, EN 196-1, EN 772-1, ASTM C39, ASTM C78, ASTM C293, ASTM C496, AASHTO T22
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Controls Group- Automax PRO-M SMART line, fully automatic control console

Smart automatic and connected concrete Power and Control System for standard failure testing.

AUTOMAX PRO-M is CONTROLS’ new top-of-the-range Compact-Line compression machine and is the first choice for automatic standard failure tests and advanced concrete mechanical properties assessment. 

- Huge boost in efficiency and error elimination: LinK-LAB – Integrated testing station solution for seamless connection and data inputs from many ancillary devices for dimensional measurement, weight, bar code, etc.
- Fully automatic – time saving: Full test-cycle automation maximizes productivity and ensures tests are performed accurately according to pre-set methods, eliminating operator variables.
- Highly accurate and energy saving: Our DC motor technology quietly and efficiently delivers super accurate load control at both low-speed and low-loads.
- Intuitive, quick and simple operation: The integrated control system features an intuitive 7” color graphical display, which works like a tablet or smart-phone, and makes AUTOMAX PRO-M quick and simple to operate.
- Standards compliant – peace of mind: Automatic performance of Elastic Modulus tests according to the main International Standards with automatic calculation of tests results.
- Advanced: Allowing the execution of displacement-controlled tests on beams, notched beams, round or square slabs

AUTOMAX PRO-M Power Control System fitted with superior hydraulics can also perform, in addition to standard failure tests, the Modulus of Elasticity Determination tests and Characterizations of Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) under displacement-control.

AUTOMAX PRO-M introduces new features and capabilities that will revolutionize the operations of any progressive construction quality testing laboratories.
LinkLAB is CONTROLS’ new proprietary Laboratory Connectivity Package. 
It allows your AUTOMAX PRO-M to be a connected part of your laboratory infrastructure by taking inputs from any number of ancillary measuring systems and devices increasing efficiency and eliminating transposing errors.

The following standards refer to the execution of the testing procedures (eg load rate, load application, accuracy, etc.) as the mechanical and physical requirements.
EN 12390-3  
Compressive strength of test specimens
EN 12390-4  
Specification for compression testing machine
EN 12390-5  
Flexural strength of test specimens
EN 12390-6  
Tensile splitting strength of test specimens
EN 1338        
Concrete paving blocks
EN 1339        
Concrete paving flags
EN 1340        
Concrete kerb units
EN 196-1      
Determination of cement strength
EN 772-1      
Determination of compressive strength of masonry units (blocks)
ASTM C39    
Compressive strength of cylindrical concrete specimens
ASTM C78    
Flexural strength of concrete. Third point loading
ASTM C293  
Flexural strength of concrete. Center point loading
ASTM C496  
Splitting tensile test of cylindrical concrete specimens
Compressive strength of cylindrical concrete specimens

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